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The 5 Business Woman Archetypes

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Wise Woman

Embrace Your Healing and Plant Instinctively
Wise Woman has the ability to drop deeply into her inner knowing. Intrigued and want to find out more?
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Express Your Vision and Action Creatively
The Amazon is the visionary, pushing courageously forward to achieve her goals. Intrigued?
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Expand Your Heart and Connect Passionately
The Goddess attracts what she desires deeply within her heart and soul. Intrigued?
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Earth Mother

Enhance Your Receptivity and Receive Greatefully
The Earth Mother provides stability. She graciously receives help, support and money. Intrigued?
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Enrich Your Being and Evaluate Reflectively
The Alchemiste has a special gift in refining and perfecting products and services. Intrigued?
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Your Hearts Calling

Elemental Woman Entreprenur

9 Week Online Training

Discover how to create financial abundance from OVERFLOW.

Wise Woman Leader

3 Day Weekend

Become ambassadors for profound change in the world.


With Wisdom

Why decide to work with Prasanna…

If you are tired and worn out because you are pushing hard to get things done, it is because no one has shown you how to step into your Wise Woman Leadership. Once you do, you build energetic momentum in a way that is authentic to you as a leader in your field of expertise and as a conscious woman in business. Join the new generation of Elemental Wise Woman Leaders.

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A Legacy

Elemental Wise Woman

9 Month Leadership Training

Create a life & business that ignites your life force and calls in financial abundance!


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"Before the workshop I felt like I wasn’t relating to other women with an open heart that I knew I had in me. I felt like something was blocking me from receiving support. The week after the workshop was magical. I was so much more receptive to my husband and more peaceful with my son. I didn’t need to constantly guard and protect myself. I am now more open and trusting of the ebbs and flows in my business. As soon as I let go of a client, another one showed up the next week. The group programme I’d been dreaming up suddenly just had its own energy to it. I was allowing life force to direct my next steps. I am beyond grateful for Prasanna and her body of work. I just want to bow and kiss her feet and keep sending my blessings to the great mother for allowing her to enter my life."
Nadhira Razack
The Conscious Woman in Business, Melbourne, VIC, AustraliaClick Here
Dear Prasanna, From the day, I trusted my impulse to be part of your Training, my life has not been the same. The Elemental Woman™ work continues to support and sustain me as I grow myself and my business. I have never followed a “guru” or even had a label like “I am a …, but I totally adore, respect and honour you as my business coach, mentor and so much more. I feel mentored on so many levels, business-wise, personally, emotionally, spiritually. This support helps me to notice that I am finding more freedom in my life as I release and let go of ways of doing and being that do not really serve me. And in doing so I see transformation on many levels within myself, from myself and in my business. This work which you have created offers me the possibility to sense where I need to access and draw from that comes from my own wisdom that I didn’t even know I had! It’s like a pot of gold deep within me that I can tap into 24/7 and is so amazing to experience. I often feel this gold illuminates who I truly am, what I need to do in this life, and how to love myself and in doing so be so much more present and loving to others. Thank you, Prasanna for being courageous enough and tenacious enough to walk your talk and birth this beautiful body of work/craft that actually helps us Be the women we need to be! With so much love for you, Joan xxx
Joan Carpenter
Founder of Listening Hands Therapy
“Prasanna Rocks! I am single mom of two teenage boys and I am an Ayurvedic practitioner with a full-time very buys private practice. I committed working with Prasanna just a few months ago. This was a very big step for me to invest money and time in myself and my business! It was so worth it! Literally the minute I committed to working with Prasanna, the magic just started. I got invited to two seminars one in Italy and one in Brazil..almost fully paid for and help during this time for my boys. When I started fully committing to myself, the flow started…I did not have to push for it, it just came and I needed to be ready and open to say YES! Each time I started doubting or wanting to go into my mind and old patterns, Prasanna helped me to come back into my body, and tap into my feminine wisdom and empowerment. Since I have started working with Prasanna, I unleashed more of my power and self worth. It is so much more fun to live so much more with this inner freedom. Even though I had already a thriving and successful private Ayurvedic practice, I started increasing my prices with no problem at all, designing new seminars which filled immediately and with no effort and doubled my income. But most important I feel and am so much more myself! Life is despite so many ups and downs a beautiful feminine dance for me. I love working with Prasanna and I am looking forward to more and more expansion.“
Jutta Hecht
Creatrix of Diamond Woman, California, US
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