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The 5 Business Woman Archetypes

Get crystal clear about

 the woman you need to be

 to manifest in a uniquely feminine way… 

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You are amazing

 (we already know this),

but what Elemental Woman™ Archetypes are You?

 Find out Now…

so You can create effortless Financial Abundance.

Wise Woman

Embrace Your Healing and Plant Instinctively
Wise Woman has the ability to drop deeply into her inner knowing. Intrigued and want to find out more?
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Express Your Vision and Action Creatively
The Amazon is the visionary, pushing courageously forward to achieve her goals. Intrigued?
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Expand Your Heart and Connect Passionately
The Goddess attracts what she desires deeply within her heart and soul. Intrigued?
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Earth Mother

Enhance Your Receptivity and Receive Greatefully
The Earth Mother provides stability. She graciously receives help, support and money. Intrigued?
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Enrich Your Being and Evaluate Reflectively
The Alchemiste has a special gift in refining and perfecting products and services. Intrigued?
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Your Hearts Calling

Creating From Potency
Private Day

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Wise Woman Leader
3 Day Workshop

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With Wisdom

About Prasanna

Transform the push-me-pull-you relationship between you and your business into a source of joy and vitality

If you are tired and worn out because of pushing hard to get things done, it is because no one has shown you how to create energetic momentum in a way that is authentic to you as a conscious woman in business. There is a way for women to be leaders in their field of expertise and feel alive, sensual and full of vitality at the same time.

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A Legacy

9-Week Online Course

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