Hello Divine Goddess👑

I’m so excited you are here. In many ways the survival and rebirth of our beautiful planet is in the hands of the conscious woman. We are asked to rise and positively contribute to the world. We are asked to share our gifts first to fulfil our own soul calling and second through that send out ripples into the world for others to directly benefit. We are creating win win win situation everywhere that way.

In case we haven’t met yet, I’m Prasanna Diana Manuela, International Bestselling Author of Elemental Woman, Feminine Prosperity Creatrix and International Speaker. I support conscious and creative woman entrepreneurs globally to awaken their heart’s calling, lead with wisdom and leave a legacy. I’m a divine inventor, creative marketing goddess as well as visionary mystical healer and artist who stands for women earning as much as they desire, whilst feeling alive, vibrant and full of life giving energy
Devine Creatrix - it's time to
  • Step up
  • Shine your light
  • Shine your light
  • Receive more
In this impactful 15 minute video you will discover:
  • The exciting system you need to create financial abundance from overflow
  • Why feminine business archetypes are part of a your powerful journey to know yourself deeply and own your power
  • How to build a sustainable business in a nurturing way
  • What happens when you are 100% aligned to your purpose
  • Why you need to drop into your feminine potency to manifest more pleasure and abundance with ease
  • And more…
  • And … Only $7