Prasanna Diana Manuela is an International Speaker, Feminine Prosperity Creatrix and International Bestselling Author of Elemental Woman™. She is passionate about supporting women step into their Wise Woman Leadership to make a bigger impact in the world whist enjoying the income they deserve.

A Woman's 9 Essential Keys to Financial Abundance

Amazing woman – it’s time to 

  • Step up
  • Shine your light
  • Share your gifts
  • Receive more

In this impactful 15 minute video you will discover:

  • The exciting system you need to create financial abundance from overflow
  • Why feminine business archetypes are part of a your powerful journey to know yourself deeply and own your power
  • How to build a sustainable business in a nurturing way
  • What happens when you are 100% aligned to your purpose
  • Why you need to drop into your feminine potency to manifest more pleasure and abundance with ease
  • And more…
  • And … Only $7