Activate Your Femme Fortune

Hello divine Creatrix,
Stop feeling unfulfilled, empty, listless, and stuck in your life and start listening to the whispers of your soul. Transform from being a woman who scatters her time, energy, and money to claiming your Amazon nature and purposefully creating the life you know you’re meant to live. 

“Elemental Woman is a call to action for women to claim their innate power, rise, and make their valuable contribution in our troubled world.”

Katina Jones, Founder and CEO of the Equals Group

Be one of the first to join our newly opened online Facebook group and receive free access to our ACTIVATE Your Femme Fortune and Freedom practise as a thank you gift from the divine for showing up and putting yourself and your purpose first.

IMAGINE THIS, Gorgeous Goddess. You: 

💃Get out of bed in the morning feeling energised and on purpose.

🤗Make money while working with clients you love.

💃 Are prolifically creative and productive while feeling sensual, juicy, and full of joy. 

🤗Courageously speak your truth and set boundaries.

💃 Allow yourself to be seen and heard.

🤗Enjoy feeling closer to your family, partner, and friends.

The ‘Activate Your Femme Fortune’ free training Facebook group is for you, if: 

💃You believe deep down that wealth and wellbeing don’t need to be mortal enemies any more

💃You are done with pushing to succeed and you are ready to embrace a delicious and powerful feminine way of creating

💃You are ready to claim financial abundance from a place of fullness versus depletion.

💃You know the value as a creative goddess to draw from the mystical earth & moon wisdom to fully align with your soul calling.

Be one of the first to claim your free gift and join our free training space ‘Activate Your Femme Fortune” now.

I’m head over heels in preparation for our first upcoming live training. Open your heart to the fortune that is to unfold for you. As we are birthing a new world, get ready to ascend spiritually, emotionally and financially. 

I have been waiting for the right moment to create such a sacred online training space. The time has come. Allow Elemental Woman to introduce you to ancient wisdom for the modern-day entrepreneurial woman. It’s time for the creative sacred feminine to shine and serve prosperously from overflow.

Much love

Prasanna ❤️

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