Amazon VIP Visioning Experience

One-on-One with Prasanna to move forward fast

Get ready to meet your radiant, courageous and decisive goddess – your true Amazon nature.

The Amazon is fiercely committed to her vision and determined to achieve freedom for herself and others. She knows her mind and moves forward confidently with ease and grace.

Get ready for lasting change - during your Amazon VIP Visioning experience,
you will

  • Embody your inner Amazon by unleashing your Feminine Creative Force
  • Align congruently with your vision
  • Create actionable steps towards your goals
  • Unlock your ability to be a powerful decision maker
  • Be supported to take those big risk steps you keep avoiding

Choose an Amazonion location that speaks to
your heart

Creative entrepreneurs need inspiring space to see new horizons with clarity and channel fresh inspiration. Together Prasanna and you will choose a location and timeframe to inspire your adventurous heart. You could choose a wooded mountain, ocean view or flower garden. Whatever lights you up!

If you live outside of Victoria or Australia, or find it hard to leave your business for an entire day, the VIP Visioning experience can be delivered over two-three days. You will return to your ‘real world’ with more Amazon lifeforce than you could have imagined is possible!

How do I know if this experience is for me?

The VIP Visioning Experience is for you if time matters and you’ve decided you need to get going now!

  • It’s for you if you have no choice but to live life on purpose
  • It’s for you if your desire for success it bigger than your fear
  • It’s for you if you have an inner drive to make a massive impact and receive financial reward for your abilities
  • It’s for you if you are committed to investing in your personal and professional growth with time, money and other resources.

If you keep going around in circles, unable to see the wood for the trees, this day is for you.

I’m excited - tell me what’s included?

  • The VIP experience takes 6-7 hours. You can choose to have your VIP Experience over one or two days. On the other hand, if you are birthing a bigger project you can book 3 consecutive days to get stuff done.
  • 1 Visioning Session before hand to set powerful intentions for our VIP Visioning Experience (1 hour)
  • 1 Completion Session one month afterwards to check in how you are integrating your vision (1hour)
  • Plus, a special bonus $1,000 voucher for a 3 or 7 Day Elemental Woman Uluru Retreat in 2019!

Darling woman, what difference would 8 or more hours of one-on-one actioning and visioning your wild, free life and business make to your success right now?

OK lets do this - where do I start?

Start here by filling out the Exploration Application.

Since I have started working with Prasanna, I have unleashed more of my power and self worth. Even though I have a thriving and successful private Ayurvedic practice, I started increasing my prices with no problem at all, designing new seminars which filled immediately and with no effort and doubled my income. But most important I feel and am so much more myself! Life is despite so many ups and downs a beautiful feminine dance for me now. I love working with Prasanna, and I am looking forward to more and more expansion.
Jutta Hecht
Creatrix of Diamond Woman, California, US

Are you struggling to do this on your own?

Pause, breathe, and know that every successful woman has a midwife, creatrix or mentor who holds her hand reflects to her what an amazingly gifted woman she is and shows her the way forward. Allow me to take you by the hand now and show you your gifts… Prasanna x