I’m excited you’ve made it this far…

Please complete the following questionnaire to apply for the Elemental Woman Entrepreneur™ 9-Month Program.

Included in this program is my popular Archetypal Assessment… so your answers will allow me to serve you to your highest calling and help me understand where you’re at right now and why you’re interested in talking to me about the Elemental Woman Entrepreneur™ 9-Month Program.

Please understand that this is simply part of my application process. You’re not committing to anything yet. Neither am I.

Before we chat I’d love to understand your motivations and your answers will help me do that. I can’t wait to “chat” with you.

Prasanna Diana Manuela

Archetypal Assessment Questionaire

Well done, you did it. Let's go…it's time to fly.

We will contact you within 48 hours to book the talk in with Prasanna.

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