Deep Dive into Alchemy with 5 Powerful Elemental Woman™

Archetypal Oils​

Use the oils to awaken and activate your Elemental Woman Archetype.

They will become become part of your daily ritual as a woman embracing a powerful and feminine approach to business. Be positively delighted and surprised.

Everything has been created with love and attention to detail by everyone involved to help you tap deeply into your 5 business woman archetypes and open the doors to your financial abundance.

These extraordinary scents have been created by an absolute master alchemist especially for Elemental Woman™ to make you too unstoppable in your life and business.

Did you know? Aromatic plants and essential oils have been used by native cultures worldwide for thousands of years. What we know today about the history of essential oils is deeply related to the history of herbal medicine used by ancient Egyptians. They used medicinal plants to embody deities in the smoke of temple incense.

Since ancient times, native cultures around the globe have used herbal medicine to deepen their meditation and purify the spirit. Herbs have been used for rituals, magic spells, food and medicine.

What we know today is that the Ebers papyrus is one of the oldest records (if not THE oldest) about the use of medicinal plants in ancient Egypt.
Healer and medical herbalist Andrew Chevallier said that the presence of herbs in many ancient burial tombs attests to their powers (beyond medicine). Greek philosopher Aristotle believed that plants had souls and psyches.

I certainly FEEL the potency of herbs and essential oils in my meditation practices and have used them for some 30 years. When I created the Elemental Woman™ brand I dreamed about having a set of my own essential oils, created by a master alchemist, and capable of helping me deepen my meditation and manifestation practices.

And that’s exactly what I’ve done with the Elemental Woman™ Archetypal Oils.

The fastest way to embody the 5 Business Woman Archetypes is with this set of 5 Archetypal Anointing oils, created with love by a master alchemist and packaged in a beautiful little wine red velvet pouch with a golden rim.

A Special Note from Elemental Alchemist Prasanna...