Are you ready to die?

He was whisked away before I could even lay eyes on him, actually before I knew the sex even. My entire being went into a deep trans like primal sobbing “my baby is gone… my baby is gone…” Hospital staff did their best to console me but they could not reach me. I had gone into another space altogether.

One moment he was inside of me and the next he was gone. My body went into shock from the erupt separation. Mejda lived for two days and then passed away in our arms in the early morning hours of April 22 of 1995.

Last year I gave a talk in Arizona at the International WomanSpeak Festival on his anniversary at the precise time of his passing, sharing the challenges women are experiencing worldwide with so called women’s problems affecting their feminine vitality and ability to make money. Read more here

Every Easter I allow myself to die. In Australia we have the added bonus of Easter being celebrated in the season of autumn. For me it’s a time of letting go of the ‘OLD ME’ and allowing the emergence of ‘NEW ME’.

How often do you set yourself goals and dreamed big? Perhaps you know deep down that you are ready for a deeper and much more profound relationship experience. Or perhaps you feel that it is time to step into bigger boots in your business, expressing your purpose more fully. Maybe you have a deep desire to make a much bigger impact in the world.


Only 3% of people actually reach their desired goals. Why might that be? If you want to create a DIFFERENT LIFE, you must become a DIFFERENT PERSON. You need to become an “upgraded” version of yourself… THE OLD YOU HAS TO DIE.

Your ‘old you’ created your ‘old life’. Your outer life is a direct reflection of what goes on inside of you. Before the cherry tree is adorned with exquisite red jewels, she undergoes death. Christ had to die first before his resurrection.

That’s why the Elemental Woman Entrepreneur learns to die again and again and again in the process of CREATING FEMININE PROSPERITY naturally… Read more

So… are you ready to die? Because if you are not, your life is just going to stay the same. Your relationships won’t change. Your vitality will dwindle. Your business will be exhausting and likely not make the money or have the positive impact in the world you desire.


It’s in the centre of death, when all things that don’t belong in your new life cycle have fallen off, NEW LIFE SUDDENLY HAS A CHANCE TO ERUPT IN MIRACULOUS WAYS. It’s in that moment, your NEW YOU is born. A new cycle begins.

Do you struggle, to make the life & business shifts YOU KNOW you need to make? Are you tired of working hard to make it happen? Are you undergoing major changes in your life that call you to rise and be all that you can be?

Come and join this year’s powerful group of women in the centre of the desert in Uluru for our upcoming Elemental Woman Entrepreneur Leadership & Certification Training. R

Can’t wait to see you all there, for now I wish you a beautiful Renewal Weekend over Easter.

I have recorded a special Life Renewal Practise for you from in the middle of the rainforest. watch here

Much love,


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