Are you showing up?

How well are you showing up AS YOU… ALL OF YOU?

From an Elemental Woman point of you there are so many facets to each of us. We are multi-dimensional beings… The more you express the different facets, colour and flavours, the richer the experience for those around you to experience you.

What does that actually mean? It allows you to be seen for who you are in that moment. As example, I was giving a talk in Arizona in April this year at the WomanSpeak Festival. The talk was ‘The Awakening of a New Generation of Wise Woman Leaders’.

“The moment I was called on stage was to the hour the 23-year anniversary of my son’s passing. It was a profound moment for me to be called on stage. As you can imagine all sorts of emotions and memories were pulsing through my system, through every cell of my being in that moment.”

And yet I showed up. I walked onto that stage and shared my truth. There were moments I was moved to tears, there were moments where I was fiercely passionate about women’s sexual challenges.  

There were so many flavours in the spice mix I was feeling and expressing in that moment. Watch the video here and you will see what I mean by expressing all of you, your vulnerable parts, your fierce parts … whatever there is… allow it to come out. 

And here is the thing, don’t allow anyone or any situation in your life to shut any one of those delicious parts of you down. If that happens, do your best to reclaim them. Because they make you who you are. They make you beautiful, expressive, powerful, colourful… amazing. I want to encourage you always to find those pieces that you are hiding within yourself. Find them and give the space to come out. So that you can share the fullest, most vibrant version of you with the world.

Did this resonate?   If it did, please like this video, comments below and share it with your friends. And you are having a hard time right now, please remember this “Your life loves you and at the same time it’s calling you to live in fearless evolution. Allow your heart’s wisdom to guide you… always.

Much love,


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