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Elemental Woman

Be a Force of Nature in Your Life and Business

Awaken your calling and lead with deep inner wisdom

You are nature just like the trees, the river, the sky and everything in creation. As women, when we live in conflict within our immediate environment, we are automatically in conflict with ourselves and the world.

Be a force of nature

Once you learn how to flow with LIFE(force), everything begins to flow...

Reading Elemental Woman will invoke the conscious entrepreneurial woman you need to be to show up fully in the world. 

  • Reveal your true feminine nature – the one you have glimpsed and yearn to know better
  • Fearlessly step into your power and unveil your greatness
  • Create and influence the world you want

Embodying your Elemental Woman will change your life and the lives of the women your support

What you’ll experience from reading Elemental Woman

  • Vital practices will activate your body to regenerate your Feminine Creative Force
  • Be Activated to flow with cycles – learn to know the correct time to receive guidance and the perfect moment to take action – and why!
  • How to stop the 3 mistakes smart, independent women make when running a business, that can so often cost them their health and relationship
  • The joy of dancing with your fears, so they no longer stop you from reaching your goals and dreams
  • How to embody the 5 Elemental Woman™ Archetypes, to effortlessly create feminine prosperity and abundance in your life and business 

Discover your Business Woman Archetype and how to ignite your Feminine Prosperity

Elemental Woman will support you to tap into your profound wisdom as a feminine leader, and activate your body's natural ability to regenerate. Imagine yourself thriving in all areas of your life regardless of age!
Rachael Jayne Groover
Creator of Art of Feminine Presence and Bestselling Author of Powerful and Feminine
It is time for the elixir of the Divine Feminine to rise and balance our masculine-dominated world. Elemental Woman is a call to action for women to claim their innate power and rise up to make their valuable contribution in our troubled world.
Katina Jones
Founder and CEO of the EQUALS Group
By the end of the book, Prasanna has beautifully rooted you inside Mother Earth where you begin to be embraced by her power and activate your purpose and calling which is somehow no longer in the shadows but out in force for all to witness! I have always considered myself to be a creative entrepreneur, but after reading this book, I have come to the realisation that I am a creative ‘conscious’ entrepreneur. Elemental Woman has helped me realise that continuing to listen to my inner guidance and being conscious of what it is that I want and what its that I do not want -that which does not serve me at the highest level, I am able to live my life on purpose and within my natural calling.
Vicki Gotsis Ceraso
Founder & Creator of SheRises Global

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