Dance with Your Fears to Create Ultimate Freedom

I have never experienced as much fear as over the last year and a half, and yet it has been my most successful year and a half of my entire life.

When we have a desire to grow, a  desire to expand and desire to really get our life on track with our souls calling and our souls purpose here on earth. We have to be incredibly, beyond measure, courageous. We have to be courageous because fear is coming up all along every step. How do we deal with this fear? How can we move through things that terrify us? There has been moments with me sending a blog out, or speaking on stage or acting on something that is brought up incredible fear within myself. And yet,  I knew that for me to grow, expand and reach that next level of my own evolution I had to do it.  Whether I personally liked it or not. Whether it might be received well or not. It was something I had to do.

As a Wise Woman Leader we don’t decide by what we are not afraid of or what we are afraid of.  It is a matter of being tap into our inner wisdom.  Feel the fear dance with our fear and do it anyway. Also knowing the difference between fear that is warning us to perhaps not to do something, or do something at a different time. And fear that is basically our controlling mind trying to keep safe. We need to be able to differentiate. But the bottom line is we need to be able to love and dance with our fear. One way of doing that is to becoming fully embodied, not leading primarily from our head where all the overwhelm happens and are flooded with endless thoughts with what could go wrong. Or listen to endless whispers to other people.

We have to find a way of to drop into our bodies own wisdom within. Be fully embodied and anchored in our body so when fear rises , even if it is an incredible huge amount of fear, we can still stand in our truth and we can still do what we are called to do.

There is no other way to live our destiny and awaken our hearts calling and to be able to do that. So if you are struggling with fear and you are feeling that is one of the components that is holding you back to fully step into your calling then please join us on one of The Wise Woman Leader Weekends in Australia or in the United States. Come and join us.

I am especially travelling so I can hold groups of women of conscious and creative women entrepreneurs to really step into their Wise Woman Leadership. In order to fully unlock their destiny, awaken their heart calling and to impact the world positively.

If that sounds like you please press the button below. I can’t wait to see and meet you! 


Much Love


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