A One Day Workshop with Prasanna Diana Manuela

How to magnetise fierce feminine potency
in life and business

10AM – 5PM

Too many of us find our feminine nature forever giving and giving.

We want the passion to action our dreams, but we feel more lost and disconnected than ever.

Instead of thriving as conscious women, we become drained and empty – but we can’t figure out why…

Get ready for fast and exciting change. During this dynamic workshop you will:

Discover the brilliance of the five elemental woman business archetypes

Learn the fundamentals of your default archetype and how to create radical flow between ALL five of these powerful aspects of feminine consciousness.

Uncover and heal the three feminine wounds that keep you stuck

These three wounds keep you bound and trapped in generational cycles of lack and limitation – we will honour and let them go in a powerful healing ritual.

Unlock the three secrets to magnetising feminine financial abundance

As women, we cannot sustain traditional masculine methods of money creation – it has left us depleted and disheartened. The creative feminine is yearning to show you a different way that is in harmony with your passionate inner nature.

You will leave this beautiful day knowing how to

  • Energise and amplify your wise woman archetype for potent guidance
  • Joyfully enliven and celebrate the art of feminine receiving
  • Serve your business from endless overflow, radiantly doing what you love
I feel and am so much more myself! Life is now a beautiful feminine dance for me. I love working with Prasanna, and I am looking forward to more and more expansion.
Jutta Hecht
Creatix of Diamond Woman and Ayurvedic practitioner
Elemental Woman has shown me that all parts of me can be seen and loved. I am now ready to share them with the world.
Tara Emmerson
Transformational Artist, Melbourne, Australia

Are you ready to invigorate your worth as a creative, conscious woman?

You will generate a confident, radiant presence and increase your perceived value as a leader.

You will receive more high-quality clients – the ones your heart wants to work with.

You will effortlessly create abundance without the usual push and shove, using a power more magnetic than you’ve experienced before.

Make this your day to Shine! And say yes, I want more!

Limited places available, secure your spot now.

Virtual Room link given upon booking

10am -5pm

Only USD $47

Bring a friend for free!

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I am now more open and trusting of the ebbs and flows in my business.
Nadhira Razack
Owner of The Conscious Woman in Business
Thank you, Prasanna for being courageous and tenacious enough to walk your talk and birth this beautiful body of work/craft that helps us BE the women we need to be!
Joan Carpenter
Founder of Listening Hands Therapy

Prasanna's BIO

Prasanna Diana Manuela is an International Speaker, Feminine Prosperity Creatrix and International Bestselling Author of Elemental Woman. Prasanna works with conscious and creative female entrepreneurs who want to Awaken their Heart’s Calling into every detail of their life and business.

Prasanna embraces a rich tapestry of life. She inspires women with her love of beauty, nature, family and the freedom to express all of who she is, joyously and powerfully.

When it comes to creating a business that is 100% aligned to your Heart’s calling, Prasanna is exceptional. She offers life changing events virtually and in person, and travels regularly to share her passion to Awaken a New Generation of Wise Woman Leaders.

Elemental Woman™ experiences gift you the ancient knowing you seek to ignite vitality in life and business. 

Elemental Woman™ Awakens your Heart’s Calling and opens you to your innate Feminine Creative Force to regenerate from the inside out. This work brings profound self-understanding and connects you with a power that is far greater than you ever imagined. 

To invite Prasanna to speak at your events, summits, podcasts, or radio shows, please book here. 

Prasanna’s 2018 book “Elemental Woman” is an International #1 Bestseller and #1 New Release on Amazon. Get it here.


Let’s energetically magnetise your potency for more love, support, money and life-blessings.
Love Prasanna


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