Elemental Woman Calendar App?

Who is this for?

The Elemental Woman Entrepreneur™ Calendar App has been dreamed into being and created for Healers, Artists, Coaches & Creative Entrepreneurs who want to make more money… without having to compromise themselves or their feminine energy. 


Maybe you can relate?

You spend most of your working days pushing against better judgment, juggling family and business, and working hard to make money.

But despite working long hours and pushing yourself to the brink of exhaustion you’re not getting anywhere fast. It’s always “other” women who seem to be super successful and you’re questioning whether you actually have what it takes to be one of “them.”

The answer is, “YES! You do.”

But not by pushing yourself to the brink of exhaustion. That doesn’t work for most women. And really, it’s crazy to think that we women can be successful ONLY by stepping into masculine energy. That in itself goes against nature, so it’s logical to me (and hopefully you, too) that we need to change the way we approach this “business thing.”

Being stuck in your masculine pushing-striving-working-hard energy is one of the reasons why you’re not getting ahead.

But this doesn’t mean you can just sit around chanting OM from the rooftops and manifest your dreams into being. Your work ethics are as crucial to your success as are the times during which you work hard and during which you take time off to plan, dream and think.

It’s knowing WHEN to harness those times that lets you embrace your feminine potency and harness your power to become wildly successful.

The Elemental Woman Entrepreneur™ Calendar App has been designed to make life (and business) simpler for you.

More manageable.

More fun.

More aligned.

More in FLOW, with your body’s rhythm.

The app is a tool that simplifies… everything.

How? And what do I get?

The Elemental Woman Entrepreneur™ Calendar App teaches you how you can harness your body’s natural energy and align it with the feminine rhythms of Goddess Moon energy.

Knowing how and when to push a little harder and when to retreat and dream up new business ideas is the missing piece of the puzzle you’ve been looking for.

Inside the app you’ll find a calendar which helps you harness the powerful energies of the 5 Business Archetypes.

Meaning… you’ll do the RIGHT things at the most OPPORTUNE time to sow the seeds of success.

Farmers have used a Farmer’s Almanac for centuries to help them grow healthy crops. Now you can utilise the information inside the Elemental Woman Entrepreneur™ Calendar App to harness your feminine potency.

Harness your energetic highs and create from FLOW with:

Wise Woman



Earth Mother


When can I start using the app?

Once you purchase the Elemental Woman Entrepreneur™ Calendar App from the App store you can immediately start using it to build the business you always wanted. A business that lights you up, from deep inside.

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