Would You Be Interested in Knowing How to Make More Money,

Without Compromising Yourself as a
Conscious Woman in Business?

… Gorgeous woman, you CAN be sensitive and feminine AND have an abundant life. You can BE that woman who shares her unique gifts in a bigger way and receives the financial abundance she desires… and you can do it in a way that feeds your feminine body and vitality.

I will take you by the hand and help you integrate a feminine template and structure to allow you to become the ultimate creatrix in your life and business.

I will show you exactly how to create cash flow from overflow, without the usual associated push and shove.

Do you resonate with this Beautiful Woman? Does this sound too good to be true?

It did for me too, at first. As you may know, I was raised in a family of entrepreneurs and I learned to do business in the push and shove way. But it deeply depleted me and it never felt like it was in alignment with my sensitive nature.

So I created this new way, this nourishing and actually more effective way of living and running a soulful business. And after successfully applying and fine tuning these exact strategies in my business I know they’ll work for you too.

That’s why I’m sooo excited to invite you to come to my upgraded 9-Week Elemental Woman Entrepreneur Online Training.

This is for you if you want to…

Make more money—sustainably and effortlessly—embrace your feminine power in business, without it interfering in your relationships or compromising your woman’s body and soul.

Build your business on a foundation of deep feminine wisdom so that you can finally feel alive, sensual and full of vitality!

Create financial abundance from overflow and feel the deep sense of gratitude and joy deep in your heart and soul each day.

Know the optimum timing for creating different business projects and working on specific tasks—and feel 100% aligned and lit up by the work you do and never get burned out in overwhelm again.

Not sure if this is for you?

Let me ask you…

How much time and money does it cost you to be overwhelmed, stressed or sick in your business?

How creative and productive are you, REALLY?

How many expensive mistakes and bad business decisions do you make—daily or weekly?

How many opportunities do you miss because you simply don’t see them?

My guess is...

If you do things the way I used to, then you most likely spend way to much time in your head getting caught up in details, and so…

You’re most likely nowhere near what you want to earn.

And sadly, you’re not making the impact you want to make in the world!

It doesn’t have to be that way for you!

It’s time to leave the always-worrying-about-money-and-clients way of doing things behind you for good. It’s high time to embrace the my-business-is-a source-of-joy-and-vitality way!

I can help you create a more sustainable, effortless and profitable way of doing life and business.

Want to know how?

Enrol in Elemental Woman Entrepreneur™ Online today…

Most women operate their business without a feminine structure that supports them in creating financial abundance, consistently.

They operate from… their Default Business Woman Archetype.

And Darling, if you want to change these patterns that are getting you stuck all the time, you need to learn when to slow down to speed up your business.

The Elemental Woman Entrepreneur™ Online Training Program teaches you the 5 keys to work with all of your archetypes… in harmony, to optimize your success.

It’s that simple!

Key #1 teaches you how to Activate your inner Wise Woman, to SAVE MONEY & TIME.

Key #2 gives you the knowledge to Embody your Amazon, to MAKE POWERFUL DECISIONS & TAKE ACTION.

Key #3 helps you discover how to Access your Goddess, in order to ATTRACT MORE CLIENTS. Oh yeah!

Key #4 helps you tune into and Be Earth Mother, and open the floodgates to FINANCIAL ABUNDANCE.

Key #5 shows you how to Rely on Alchimiste, to PERFECT your PRODUCTS & PROGRAMS.


here is what you can expect from the program:

You will learn:

How to grow your business based on a foundational and sustainable Feminine Structure, which becomes your base for a 6 or 7 figure business. I have successfully used the exact same structure with conscious/creative entrepreneurs, healers, artists and coaches who are creating financial abundance from overflow.

How to recognise and work with the 5 Business Woman Archetypes, understanding when they are most active so that you can quickly and easily optimise your business.

Powerful practices, so that fears can no longer stop you from making aligned decisions and from taking action. It’s simply time to let go of getting stuck!

Processes that help you value yourself more so you can charge what you are worth.

How to receive more support, clients, money and vitality. Sweetheart, even though this may not be your main focus, it is nevertheless important if you want to sustain yourself, wouldn’t you agree? After all running a business is a never ending marathon.

How to more effortlessly attract your ideal clients to you, by allowing yourself to be seen fully.

How to recognise and master the 5 States of Abundance and why you need to master all of them if you want to create a business of effortless abundance.

Why and how energy for us women fluctuates during daily, monthly and seasonal cycles and how we can optimise its power in our life and business so that pushing to achieve becomes a way of the past and creating becomes like surfing. You know when the big waves are coming so you can jump on them and move forward effortlessly in no time.

Create your very own Business Dreaming Weekend, where you work deeply on your work AND replenish at the very same time.

EWE Online shows you

the way of the Wise Woman Leader, a powerful feminine approach to living your Calling to the fullest and doing business with confidence and a clear conscience!

The total value of EWE Online is $3,497. Your Investment today: a ONE-TIME payment of $997.

How do I register Prasanna?

You receive:


8 x 60-90 min recorded Zoom Group Training Calls with Prasanna1 hour teaching/30 min Q & A


1 x 3-Hour Virtual Workshop


9 x Sets of Training Videos and Workbooks


Daily Support via the Forum (3 months access)


Daily practices to help you embody the Arcehtypes


Access to video library, Workbooks and Live Call Q & A Calls


Daily Practices to help you embody all 5 Archetypes (more on that soon)


1 x Ticket to our 3 Day Wise Woman Leader Weekend in the US or Australia, valued at $2,500 (currently offered for $997 as part of our book launch period)


1 x 1:1 Archetypal Assessment or Wise Woman Check in Session with Prasanna, valued at $260

Applications open again 27th of December 2018

If you register before Friday 18th Jan 2018 5 PM you’ll also receive these tempting bonuses (with a total value of $3,947):


1x A2 Elemental Woman Creation Cycle Chart (valued at $450), which allows you to plan the essential activities in your business, so you get the biggest results in terms of energy spent and money received.


Training on the 5 Business Woman Archetypes to create Financial Abundance from overflow (Valued at $498.50).


Training on the Elemental Woman™ Creation Cycle to become the foundation of your creative coaching/healing business (valued at $498.50).


(Includes 1 tickets to the 3 Day Wise Woman Leader Weekend in the US or Australia, valued at $2,500 (currently offered for $997 as part of our book launch period)

Your Investment today: Only $997!

You automatically receive my no-risk, full money back guarantee!

If you attend all 9 trainings and complete the assignments and feel that you didn’t get anything out of this life-changing program you’ll get your money back, because we believe that if you are not 100% satisfied we’re better off parting ways in a friendly manner.

Are you still sitting on the fence Beautiful?

The first 7 people ONLY who’ll register today will also receive FREE access to our Training Video ‘Sacred Sales Conversations’ (valued at $497) Let’s drop in. Do you want my support?

What is it going to take for you to BECOME THE WOMAN YOU NEED TO BE to step up and shine? Get started today.

Much love,


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