Feminine Prosperity Activation

Let’s work one-on-one to Activate and Amplify your Secret Power – Your Creative Feminine Potency

Many modern women have adopted a masculine independence that deeply depletes their feminine body … shuts down their natural sensual receptivity … and actually blocks financial abundance.

Does that feel like something you’d like to let go of now?

Then get ready to lighten up and amplify your feminine potency by activating your archetype!

During a Feminine Prosperity Activation session, you will…

  • Work with Prasanna one-on-one during a 60 minute Zoom call… full of deep “aha” moments. By the end, you will feel amazing and energised.
  • Identify which default archetype you might be stuck in or pushing from, and how to change. (Free tip: if you are stuck in one Feminine Archetype, you are stuck in all of them – and trust me, you don’t want to be stuck – you want to be free!)
  • You’ll learn how to use all Five Feminine Archetypes to increase your prosperity and pleasure – Mmmm sounds good huh!
  • Discover the secret to creating from Overflow in your business… then sit back and watch your productivity go through the roof.
  • Receive profound value tailored for you, to have you welcome Limitless Flow and Wisdom every day. Imagine how pleasurable that will be…

I know how hard it is to build a successful, abundant business in a ‘traditional’ way. I’ve been there and done that, and it didn’t work for me either…

  • Constant pushing and struggling
  • Compromising my body
  • The stress of coming up with new ideas
  • Not knowing what to focus on to bring me the fastest results
  • And yadda, yadda, yadda!

I’m feeling your pain darling, and I can assure you that all that is about change right now.

Would you like to experience how it feels to activate your full purpose?

If the answer is “OMG! Yes, Prasanna” you can take the first step right now and book your 60 minute Activation session.

Prasanna Diana Manuela is truly the embodiment of the Feminine Divine. In the first few moments of meeting Prasanna, she guided me on getting in touch with my life force and the essence of who I am. My world was crumbling, I was feeling confused and lacking in direction. She not only helped me align with my purpose but gave me the courage to step into my fullness and live my truth. I was inspired by her radiance, as she guided me in the most powerful and loving way. She helped me discover and align with my purpose on the planet, which has given me the courage to serve others in a much bigger way.
Rebecca Cockrill
Health, Wellness and Life Coach

Got Questions? Relax, We Have Answers...

What happens after I press the payment button?

After successful completion of your payment, you’ll be directed to complete a short questionnaire that will help Prasanna prepare for your Activation session. 

Once you’ve completed the questionnaire, you’ll be able to book your session time.

Who will benefit the most from an Activation session?

The Activation session is for women who want to connect to a profound understanding of their business archetype and feminine power. You will be a conscious entrepreneur, leader, coach, healer or creative who wants to birth or rebirth themselves, and their business. You’ll be ready to make the shifts required to build the soulful business you have always wanted.

Why would I need this?

There is a limitless well of knowing and energy available to you. During the session, we will activate your ability to tune in and receive the feminine prosperity you deserve for yourself and your business. If that feels right for you, then go ahead and book your session now.

What session times are available?

There are only five spots per month for women who are ready to move fast. You will be able to select a time once you complete your payment and application form.

Courageous woman, I want you to succeed. And unless you understand WHY you keep getting stuck, despite working hard and not giving up, you’ll struggle to access the Feminine Creative Force that activates you be the wise leader you are destined to be. 

I trust my gut feeling if something feels true and right for me. Often I don’t even know why I’m saying yes, but I know that my body doesn’t lie. I also know when not to let fear hold me back from the growth my body knows I require. If you get a strong impulse from within that this activation is for you, then please click the button below.

You are deserving, and I’m waiting to meet you.

Love Prasanna

Activate Your Prosperity