Fighting the biggest demons yet and getting ready for a global blast.

Hello Gorgeous Woman,

Once again loss activates profound transformation for me. This time it’s the passing of two close family members within the space of a couple of weeks and two funerals within the space of just a week. In some ways history repeats itself for me.

Small things can make such a HUGE difference when experiencing loss. Having someone to protect your space when you are feeling heart broken and highly fragile can be the difference between hanging in there and completely falling apart.

Unfortunately there is little understanding or even respect for grieving people. A day or two afterwards the world around you expects you to just function as per usual.

But for the grieving person, the world will never be the same again. And why should it? When love is torn from your heart and soul, there is an empty space left to be felt. There is no easy way around this.

It was when a seemingly small task was denied, that my world fell apart in the middle of a collection of loss. How come I have been the fierce lioness throughout my life protecting those who are weak or bullied? Even from young age on, I took it upon myself to stand up to my raging father or the teacher or bully at the time at school in order to protect the weak.

My grieving journey took me deeply into the valley of great forgiveness. I faced forgiveness for those who abused, bullied, judged and attacked me… in this life or any other life. I forgave those who stood silently by witnessing the abuse or attack but did nothing to either support, protect or provide me with shelter in this life or any other. I chose to forgive those who have harshly judged me because of lack of understanding, lack of knowledge or lack of compassion and love. I asked others for forgiveness for my own lack, my own mistakes, me hurting others, me attacking others, me judging others in this life or any other life. And last of all, I forgave myself for all of the above. This is an ongoing journey, a daily practise.

The role of an International Thought leader and advocate for change in the world, asks of me to be free. Holding onto grudges has no room in this role. My life force needs to be fully available to the task. My heart is begging to open like never before. It’s a time to fully surrender to LIFE… LIVING-IN-FEARLESS-EVOLUTION.

Again the Archetype of the Alchemist has supported me greatly on this journey. She teaches that when the leaves fall of the tree… it’s a good thing as painful as it may be. For a new season will be upon us in due time. You’ll know when it comes to meet you. It’s when you have sufficiently cried, sufficiently grieved, reflected and forgiven… that the beautiful Cherie Tree bursts into bloom all over again. This time she is older, wiser and her heart has been filled with the deliciousness of Divine Love.

Now her branches will be able to touch the sky and her roots meet in the centre of Mother Earth. A true Wise Woman Leader has been born. If you haven’t already, you might want to listen to my talk, “The Awakening of a New Generation of Wise Woman Leaders” here. 

Keep an eye out for my next video blog as we are literally working around the clock on something very special that will be unveiled very soon.

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And if you are experiencing challenges at the moment, remember

Your Life Loves You . It’s calling you to LIVE-IN-FEARLESS-EVOLUTION. Allow your Heart’s Wisdom to guide you… always.

Much love,


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