Flip Your Wounding & Unlock Your Destiny

What is it that you are hiding?

I was hiding me. I was hiding who I truly was. I was hiding my truth and I was hiding who I meant to be in this life. My expertise,my gift and my brilliance.

Why did I hide these things? I was hiding them in order to stay safe, to not be rejected and to not be judged. When did these things happen?  Very likely a very long time ago. Generally we start to hide parts within our selves when we are very young, and work of a Wise Woman Leader  is to take time to tap into those parts within us that we are unconsciously hiding. That are basically locking up a our life force. Our life force is our life. And in so many different ways it gets locked up. When we are wanting to live in our purpose and our true calling we actually need to unlock our life force in so many different ways. Tapping into our wounding is one of them. Our wounding holds the key to live our destiny and that’s why it is so important not to be afraid go there.

So, take a moment to reflect what parts of you are you hiding?

This is a really important question. If you feel there is something in there for you consider joining us at one of the upcoming Wise Woman Leader Weekends either in Australia or in the US. I am creating a sacred space for powerful, creative and conscious entrepreneurs who want to bring their work to another level. Who want to fully step into and embody the inner Wise Woman Leader. Who are ready to break through those unseen parts within us that prevents us from living our hearts calling. 

If that resonates with you I would so love for you to join us! Please click the button below and follow through and choose on of the destinations. Where you can join and be with me in the room to embody your Elemental Woman Wise Woman Leader, to understand how life force really works, how it flows and how it has  different expressions at different times of the day, the month and year.

Learn what is going on in our inner landscape effects us so strongly and how it impacts either living our calling or being held back living our calling.  Please if this resonates with you please click on the button below and I can’t wait to welcome you and a group of other amazing, talented women entrepreneurs to bring your life to a new level.


Much love


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