Global Vision
Who is Elemental Woman?

I see powerful women of all ages deeply rooted to the creation vortex of the Great Mother. They are thriving not only physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, but also sexually. Their cycles have come back to balance. They are moving gracefully through the seasons of their lives, conceiving and birthing naturally, breastfeeding successfully, powerfully moving through menopause into their elder years.

I see men honouring the depths and beauty of women in all their seasons. They respect the ancient feminine wisdom that enriches the lives of their relationships, families and communities. They are grateful for women’s forgiveness. They want to dance and rebuild life with women. They desire to see them blossom and will do anything in their power to allow them full expression of who they really are. They are courageous men, who desire their women to be by their side as equal partners in their own right.

I see men and women dancing in delight, honouring and loving each other’s differences. A world where women and men raise boys and girls to be conscious powerful beings of light, upgrading the world into a perfect balance of feminine and masculine interplay. In this world women and men make love to each other expressing the entirety of their being. They bring all of themselves to their relationships, whether personal or professional.

This new generation of women have healed their sexual wounding. They are women who have reconnected to their feminine creative force, the golden natural elixir of life-giving power residing within their very own body.
They are women who are able to read their body’s mysteries and guidance. They cannot be led astray any longer. They have a deep trust in themselves. They are women who strive to be the best version of themselves. They are women who have committed to healing not only themselves and those they are called to serve, but also Mother Earth.

These women are holding men in high regard in their own right. They are supporting men to heal their pain caused by the wounded feminine. Together they are entering a dance between the healed masculine and the healed feminine.

As women birth new generations, passing down their wisdom to young girls and boys who grow into balanced women and men, we are birthing a new world. A world where we respect difference, a world where we protect those who need protection, where we nurture what needs nurturing, heal what needs healing and create change to outdated systems and ways of doing things.

Through healing our women and girls, we are healing the world. This process occurs by one woman touching another, who touches many others, who touch more women and girls everywhere. Together, supporting each other instead of being in competition with each other, we move our beautiful earth forward into a time of blossoming and balance.

As woman returns to her natural instinctive being, she offers the fullness and innocence of unconditional love to her man, family, tribe and community.

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With fierce feminine love,

Prasanna Diana Manuela💃❤️👑