How to Develop Profound Self-Love

Hello gorgeous woman,

It’s Valentine’s Day! And the pressure to feel loved up is on. 💗

Are you hoping to be asked out for a special date? Or to receive unexpected attention from your intimate partner in some delicious creative way? 



Perhaps you are disillusioned because no one has shown up to fill that desire in your heart this year. Perhaps you have given up on love altogether and you have put love on the shelf as something unattainable altogether, like something that exists in the movies and not in real life. Perhaps you are simply too tired.
I hear you darling. I’ve been there. And sometimes to my surprise, I find myself there again. But… here is the thing… I have learned that love is not something that gets bestowed upon the lucky ones and not the less fortunate ones on the planet. Love is not something that arrives on a silver tray given to you by someone or something from the outside of you.

Love is something you already are. Listen to my free video How you can create a smorgasbord of daily self-love rituals here. 

It’s not a goal to strive for… it’s available in abundance right inside of you every moment of the day, every moment of the week, the month and the year. 

In this free video, I’ll show you how you can create your very own Feminine Self-Love Plan that works (link).

But here is the thing, it’s about you showing up as Self-Love every single day. Not just once a day and then that box is ticked. No, it’s something you need to do throughout the day. It needs to be something that flows through your daily life like a beautiful silky red thread embellishing every moment of your life.

Yes, every moment… the moments you celebrate success and the devastating moments of seeming failure, the happy moments when you dance around the kitchen and the moments you cannot muster up enough energy to get out of bed.

When you begin to love yourself through all highs and lows in your life… 

an inner strength and courage comes to the forefront and begins to lead you powerfully through all situations of life. That is why Self-Love is one of the Elemental Woman™ prosperity principles. 

But Self-Love is not a goal. It’s a practise, a moment to moment practise. Click here How to up-level your sacred Self-Care in 2020.

Maybe this Valentine’s Day is WAY MORE than just a special day in your life. Maybe it’s the beginning to love yourself on a whole new level from here on.

Wishing you love bubbles all over you, 🥂



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