How to keep your Christmas Goddess Vibe Alive

Goddess greetings,

Christmas Day can be one of many mixed emotions. 

Yes, there is joy and prayers for peace on earth. 

Yes, there might be shared food, laughter and the making of happy memories. 

And then again, there might be memories that are sad too, or moments that make you simmer with anger. Such is the sacred path of the goddess. 

🙌🎁 Watch today’s Christmas Goddess Video to learn how to keep your Goddess Vibe alive when it counts.

Christmas is a time when the veil thins, and hidden emotions can surface. But darling one, stuffing is for turkey not emotions!

Ways to keep your goddess vibe alive…

  • Whatever you feel on that day is okay – give yourself permission to be who you are in that moment
  • Get outside, walk around the block, and allow your feelings and emotion to move
  • Take a bathroom break and listen to your ‘How to Ask the Christmas Goddess for More’ Meditation Gift for a quick reset🧘‍♀️🎄

I hope you have enjoyed my Christmas video gifts to you. As 2020 draws near, may Earth Mother love reign in your heart and soul.

Christmas Blessings

Prasanna x

P.S. Look out for your New Year’s gift – The Ultimate Self-Care Planner Printable PDF – arriving in your inbox in early 2020… 

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