I couldn’t stop laughing…

Hello Adventurer, freedom-loving Natural Wise Goddess,

Yesterday I came across some old videos and guess what? She hadn’t even opened her mouth, MY YOUNGER SELF IN THE VIDEO, when she cracked me up completely. And that wasn’t even my oldest video. 

Can you laugh at your own mistakes? Do you give things a shot EVEN WHEN THEY ARE NOT PERFECT?

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The thing is, we would have never learned to walk, had we thought as a small child “I’m only going to walk once I have figured it out.” WE WOULD HAVE NEVER GOT THERE. 

I have known women who have told me years ago that they wanted to offer a certain course and they still don’t teach it… because it’s not perfect yet.


The only way to get good at something is to do it… and do it… and do it. You perfect skills over time by practising. There is no way around it. 

And here is another thing, there is something very delightful about human quirkiness.  Imperfection is delightful… YES REALLY. And you are delightful too.

You might have guessed from my videos that English is not my first language. I had to make peace early on that my videos and blogs are NEVER going to be perfect. 

So, this is what I do. 

  1. The first time I do anything, I give myself a golden metal so to speak just for showing up… just for having the courage to do it. I don’t expect it to be perfect. I celebrate the fact that I give it a shot. (most people don’t, so you are already ahead)
  1. I reach out for help. I choose a coach/mentor/midwife/advocate who has the skill that I need at that time for what I need to learn. By now I have a bunch of awesome mentors I reach out to for different skills. That is because my business demands many different skills in different areas.

How often do you say, “I’d do it, but I don’t have the money.”

Be clear, NOT TAKING ACTION COSTS YOU TIME AND MONEY. It can also cost you your health, marriage or even worse still… PREVENT YOU FROM LIVING YOUR CALLING or reach your potential in this life.

The thing you have to understand is that not taking action, not getting the support you need, keeps you stuck. It also means that the people you came here to support have no way of receiving your gifts to transform their lives.

So… be imperfect, be quirky, in other words be your wonderful unique self. If you worry about being perfect, IT WILL SLOW YOU DOWN. And here is the thing, divine flow is FAST. If you want to create from divine flow, be imperfect and allow others to see it. They’ll love you more for it. 

IMPERFECTION IS YOUR GREATNESS when you are embodying the Alchemiste one of Five Elemental Woman Archetypes. You can learn more in our SEED – Elemental Woman Entrepreneur Online Program

The Alchemiste’s downfall is NOT COMPLETING THINGS AND GETTING STUCK IN DETAILS. She can also get stuck in grief when she has trouble letting go. The key is to complete with flow and ease so she can move forward.

Everyone loses when you prograstinate… Get your butt into gear. Complete that product or program you’ve been working on and get it out there to enrich people’s lives. 

So you can more effortlessly flow in your life and business, download the Elemental Woman Calendar App . It will show you when each of the Archetypes are active to get into flow to create Feminine Prosperity.

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What are you able to have a giggle about in your life and business? What did you ever send out and publish that was not perfect? Paramahansa Yogananda often spoke of the importance of being able to laugh at oneself. He often reminded his students not to take life too seriously.

We’d love to know what you published that wasn’t perfect. Simply like, share and leave a comment. It will support others to be more courageous and give things a go even when not perfect.

Much Love


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