I want to hide under the covers

I want to hide under the covers!

The storm is coming and going. It’s cold and wintery. The days are short. My inner Wise Woman is alive, begging me to make time for her.

All I want to do today is stay in bed… ALL DAY LONG! 

I cannot remember when I have done this before… if ever. 

But today I’m committed. I’m determined to give myself this experience of luxury… to snuggle, dream and indulge in my newly published novel. 

My bed is my sanctuary, with hand carved lotuses in the back and a ton of colourful cushions in various sizes to sink into. 

I’m not the only one loving this exquisite space. 

Visitors of various sizes find themselves in my bed at different times throughout the day. There is Misty, our cat, purring and begging for affection. 

One of my teenage daughters comes in to find refuge and stays for chat. 

Later my beloved, crawls under the covers with his arms rapped around me… as we blissfully go to sleep with the excitement of the storm raging outside.

As an entrepreneur, I often work long hours on many projects all at once and I absolutely thrive on doing exactly that. 

But I have learned to surrender to the flow of my inner nature. 

In fact, it’s in the pause that so often new projects are born. Maybe it’s simply because I’m more relaxed and more open and I can actually feel the seeds for new creations right inside my heart and soul.


Nevertheless, sometimes I find it hard to let go in the middle of pre-launches and give myself time to rest and replenish. 

And then I remember how every time I choose to slow down, I come back more energetic, more focused, more creative. And I know without a doubt that in the end we are speeding up the process to get to the finishing line.

It’s WAY more than that in fact. I want to get to the finishing line vibrant, joyful, with plenty of energy and life force to give.

When have you snuggled up last time all day long? What’s been the most indulgent experience you’ve ever created for yourself?

Let’s inspire each other with by sharing in the comments below. 

Be well gorgeous woman,

Much love,


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  1. Amalia

    Hello darling, I love this, can feel the homey lovey vibes you always emanate….Miss you and appreciate you reaching out to us women who often scramble to handle so much. Thank you for the reminder to just be, relax and nourish ourselves and be nourished by those who love us. big kisses to you Amalia.

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