It all started with…

I was way overdue… 


I do this once a year… It’s one of my priorities to keep me in the healthiest possible state. After all, how can I juggle the many priorities of family, relationships and business in my life.

I was way overdue… to have Ayurvedic treatments for a week away from home. I already follow a strict program of eating a month leading up to it and the same applies after I return home.

It’s like resetting the clock, turning everything back to zero. 

… a week of rest, gentle walks, meditation and yoga. Meals are provided for where I went this time, simply Ayurvedic cooking.

With this physical cleanse an inner cleanse emotionally, mentally and spiritually unfolds at the very same time. I never quite know what stirs. I use this time to write and express what moves me. 

I LOVE DRINKING IN THE BEAUTY OF NATURE DURING SUCH TIMES… going for walks, meditating outside or sitting in the sun journaling.

Sitting in the magical winter garden at Ayurveda Village in Verdun, South Australia

This time after I returned home something unexpected happened. I will share this with you next time.

For now, I’d love you to ponder what rituals do you have in place for a physical detox in your life? Especially with spring around the corner in the Southern Hemisphere, I highly recommend you find one that suits you. 

The one I love is called Panchakarma. It’s a deep Ayurvedic cleanse that brings all the elements in the body back to perfect balance. Ayurveda is the science of life.

I absolutely love it, perhaps you will too,

Much love,



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