It’s Never Too Late…

Where in your life have you already given up on a dream because you thought you are too old by now?🤷💗🤷
What have you given up in your 30s, 40s, or 50s?💔
• The dream of having a child? 
• Of changing careers or starting all over again?
• Of making really good money and becoming wealthy? 
• Of taking your family on a year long sabbatical? 
• Have you given up on love and settled for the relationship at hand? 
• Your dream for a certain kind of body, a certain kind of life style?
If so, I have just the right event for you!�👍
I am happy to be a speaker at the upcoming amazing event It’s Never Too Late to Life Your Dreams with Bettina Gordon, who is my guest here today. Join us for a lively discussion on how women get better with the years!!�Join us right here:

Prasanna Diana Manuela is an International Bestselling Author of Elemental Woman, Feminine Prosperity Creatrix and International Speaker. She supports Conscious and creative women entrepreneurs globally to awaken their heart’s calling, lead with wisdom and leave a legacy. 

She is a divine inventor, creative marketing goddess as well as visionary mystical healer and artist who stands for women earning as much as they desire whilst feeling alive, vibrant and full of life-giving energy.

When it comes to creating a business from overflow that is 100% aligned with your Heart’s Calling, Prasanna is the expert in the field. She offers life-changing events virtually and in person, and travels regularly to share her passion to Awaken a New Generation of Wise Woman Leaders.

Elemental Woman™ experiences, gift you the ancient knowing you seek to ignite vitality in life and business. 

Elemental Woman™ Awakens your Heart’s Calling and opens you to your innate Feminine Creative Force to regenerate from the inside out. This work brings profound self-understanding and connects you with a power that is far greater than you ever imagined. 

To invite Prasanna to speak at your events, summits, podcasts, or radio shows, visit her speaker’s page HERE.

Prasanna’s 2018 book “Elemental Woman” is an International #1 Bestseller and #1 New Release on Amazon. GET IT HERE.

Prasanna embraces a rich tapestry of life. She inspires women with her love of beauty, nature, family and the freedom to express all of who she is, joyously and powerfully. 

Receive her free FEMME FORTUNE AND FREEDOM ACTIVATION and join her free private Facebook group ACTIVATE YOUR FEMME FORTUNE to receive Archetypal Abundance, Wellness and Business Training for Visionary Entrepreneurs to get started on this exciting journey.


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