I’ve been playing it safe

Hello Divine Creatrix, 

I’ve been playing it safe {$name} I’ve been playing small. I’ve pretended to be invisible.

I’ve played myself down so others won’t feel insecure around me. I’ve hidden my gifts, so others won’t be jealous. I’ve diminished my light so I don’t stand out… so others cannot attack me. I’ve kept my wisdom and gifts a secret so others can’t drag them through the mud. I have covered who I truly am as a lightworker. I have covered who I am in my relationships. I have covered who I am in the name of ‘humility’. 

But if I keep hiding who I truly am, how can my light shine? If I keep holding my love in, how can it touch the heart of others? If I keep on putting my gifts and talents into a box, how can they transform the lives of others?

Can you resonate with some of this divine woman? Is there a part of you that is yearning to break out and show the world who you really are? 

One thing is for sure… we cannot do this on our own. We need the support of sister priestesses, lightworkers, healers, artists, change-makers who are fully committed to tapping into their inner fortune and freedom. We need to surround ourselves with powerful women who encourage us to shine. We need to be surrounded by cheerleaders who celebrate us and encourage us to be all we can be.

If you are a woman who is yearning to express more of who you are… Give more of your love… receive more support… earn more money and simply be THE POWERFUL GODDESS YOU TRULY are in this beautiful life, I HAVE 2 FREE GIFTS FOR YOU hot of the press:

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After cancelling our workshop tour, we met as team and wanted to do something special for you. So we created this new powerful meditation and new Facebook group for you. Our vision is that it will be like an online training room for conscious women in business or who want to start a business who are deeply committed to their purpose in the world. Never have we needed your gifts more than now. 

My team and I can’t wait to live stream free Archetypal Abundance, Wellness and Business Training for Visionary Entrepreneurs in this new Facebook group. Watch this space for more information to coming soon.

Thank you for being here. Thank you for your divine gifts. Thank you for your loving heart.

With SO much to share,

Prasanna ❤️

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