Elemental Woman Entrepreneur

Certification Pathway

JEWEL 7-Day Leadership Retreat and Certification Training​

Uluru, NT, Australia

Retreat Coming 2021

Take a sacred journey to your soul - in the heart of the world.

A high-end retreat opportunity to enliven yourself and invest in your business prosperity

Darling woman, a limitless wisdom resides within you.

If you could truly access it… it would lead you safely and effortlessly with each breath and every step.

I want you to know - Yes, you can & Yes, you will. Have The Courage To Reveal The Jewel That You Are And Lead With Wisdom Now.​

Have the courage to let it be now.

I’m Prasanna Diana Manuela,

Give me just 7 Days and let me show you a natural shortcut to accelerate your natural flow for increased prosperity.

To be completely honest, I used to live with my head in the clouds. My feet never touched the ground, or so it felt like. I left Germany, my birth country at a young age and seen many places, exploring Countries in Europe before arriving in Australia. I put down roots, ran one of the first complementary health centres in the nineties, and birthed my first child. All those years I was very connected to the father energy, known as the Inner Masculine Consciousness.

In 1995, tragedy happened, and my ungrounded world fell apart. I lost my beautiful baby boy, my second child, Mejda… only two days after giving birth to him. Overwhelmed with grief, my body shut down and I became chronically ill. 

I left my safe life behind to live in seclusion surrounded by the Australian bush. I stayed there for ten years, struggling with a traumatised body which did not know how to cycle back to full health after losing my son. I diligently spent a lot of time and money in an effort to get better, but nothing I did worked. 

Then, slowly, magic and healing begun to unfold as I embraced living with nature. A day arrived where I felt at one with the trees, birds, insects, with all of life. I was totally immersed with All That Is. 

Over those ten years, I learned to communicate deeply with Mother Earth, whether by connection with the wild life or with a wattle bird who fell in love with me too. Messages flowed to me from our Mother, the Mother of all Mothers. Once I was shown how to connect to my innate feminine potency, my creative vortex opened, and life got back on track. 

My health and strength returned. I felt powerfully aligned with my purpose. I awakened my ability to communicate my truth and inner yearnings to those I loved. The healing and expansion kept unfolding, and still does, every day. Today I live on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula in vibrant, perfect health and vitality.

WOW! It’s been a truly magical journey. Gorgeous woman, I want this for you, too.

Too many women entrepreneurs, leaders and go-getters feel aimless, restless, and out of sync with life

Do any of these disconnection disguises feel familiar?

  • Are you busy, working hard, doing all the ‘right’ things, but still not satisfied or receiving your true worth?
  • Do you hesitate often, get lost in detail, or avoid that constant nagging discomfort, because you are unsure about how to do the next step in your life and business?
  • Have you been wondering if you will ever stop playing it small and safe, even though you are yearning for more depth and substance?
  • You’re naturally a doer, but you know deep down that you’re lost, drifting like a ship without a compass and out of alignment with your soul’s calling, but you feel powerless to really change course.
  • If you keep going this way you fear fatigue, burnout and dependency – if you keep giving to others without learning how to give to you, you may be closer than you know.

Here is the truth. If you’re disconnected from your feminine creative force, you’re also disconnected from the most powerful part of yourself… your natural feminine potency, your inner Wise Woman – your Wise Goddess.

Women cannot ignore the fact that overusing masculine energy no longer works.​

The rising creative feminine is calling you, its time to embrace and welcome Her and the legacy she wishes for you.

Instead of struggling, always in your head… worrying, overwhelmed and drained, trying to figure things out…

You can tune in with your powerful feminine potency… and discover the creation zone where goddess magic happens. Plus, you can add to your life and business by being trained to show others how to access this magic too. I wish for you to receive this beautiful gift that endlessly gives forward.

Imagine feeling nourished, filled and dynamic like never before!

Once you activate your innate feminine creative force, you’ll be unstoppable…
you’ll be on fire.

Woman healers, artists and creative entrepreneurs are now being called to return to their true, free nature in order to facilitate profound change in the world.

  • When you discover your natural feminine potency, you reconnect to your own rhythm, your unique beat, your true calling.
  • With your creative feminine with you, you will never feel alone again in your life and business.
  • Once you know how to connect to you, you’ll realise it is as natural to you as breathing.
  • You’ll experience a deep sense of “coming home” and YES! At last!

Participants frequently tell me how surprised they are that they haven’t known how to do this before! The relief and joy I witness is exquisite to behold.

Shine as a dynamic force of nature who authentically thrives while serving the world in your business

Your journey to limitless wisdom starts in 2021
JEWEL- 7 Day Leadership Retreat and Certification Training – For 20 Aspirational Women
Part One - Elemental Woman Workshop for Conscious Leaders
Part Two - Elemental Woman Training Certification Experience

As a creative or a healer, you’re naturally connected to the spiritual world. In order to action your soul’s calling you must also be connected to the powerful creative forces within yourSELF. 

  • Experience what it feels like to be self-sufficient and unstoppable
  • Make decisions with ease, grace and in FLOW with your rhythm
  • Get 100% aligned with your purpose so you can vibrantly sing your soul’s song
I have created this life-changing work over thirty years of research, study and daily practice of the feminine. You will receive:
  • Deep understanding of The Elemental Woman Creation Cycle and where to apply it in your life and business for financial abundance
  • Training in the Five Business Woman Archetypes and how to embody each one in your life, at the right time
  • Powerful daily practices to regenerate your body
  • Connection to the Creative Feminine Vortex so you can become a Creatrix force of nature
  • Transformation of any sabotage shadows that prevent your success
  • Clarity about the life purpose that underlies your business purpose
  • Strong foundations to own your value, story and message so you can share it authentically
Single mum Jutta doubled her income with ease, flow and fun!
I am single mom of two teenage boys, and I am an Ayurvedic practitioner with a full-time private practice. This was a very big step for me to invest money and time in myself and my business! It was so worth it. The minute I committed to working with Prasanna, the magic just started. I got invited to two seminars one in Italy and one in Brazil, almost fully paid for with help during this time for my boys. When I started fully committing to myself, the flow started. I did not have to push for it, it just came, and I needed to be ready and open to say YES! Each time I started doubting or wanting to go into my mind and old patterns, Prasanna helped me to come back into my body, and tap into my feminine wisdom and empowerment. It is so much more fun to live with this inner freedom. Even though I had already a thriving and successful private Ayurvedic practice, I started increasing my prices with no problem at all, designing new seminars which filled immediately and with no effort and doubled my income. But most important I feel and am so much more myself! Life is, despite so many ups and downs, a beautiful feminine dance for me. I am looking forward to more and more expansion.
Jutta Hecht
Creatrix of Diamond Woman, California, US
Tara now loves all parts of her raw, real self...
From the moment I met Prasanna I loved her. I loved how forgiving, non-judgmental and ecstatic she is to witness authenticity in others. Prasanna has a gift in making you feel held while the layers peel off. She is excited to see the raw real you and that is hugely encouraging. Elemental Woman™ has taught me how to love all parts of myself, how to access my true desires and soul calling. It has shown me that all parts of me can be seen and loved. I’m now ready to share them with the world.
Tara Emmerson
Transformational Artist, Melbourne, Australia

Gorgeous Woman, I invite you to be a success story.

Yes, I want to know more

Will you answer the call of the feminine and bring the fire back into your belly?​

The fire that effortlessly creates abundance in every area of your life. The fire that finally sparks your creative juices like never before and guides you safely.

If you are a conscious entrepreneur, healer or artist and you either want to birth or rebirth a profitable business, or feel you need an accelerated shift in your work, say Yes, because this is for you.

  • Confidently tap into your real potential for effortless abundance by falling in love with your powerful feminine potency so you can create the life and business of your dreams
  • Immerse yourself in a powerful environment, where you can relax, heal and liberate your creativity
  • Shift the stuck life force to naturally break down physical, emotional and mental limitations
  • Integrate your new understanding and experience into everyday business planning
  • Change your results in business, how you view yourself and how you allow yourself to be seen by others
  • Earn a great income while saying true to your message, values and integrity
  • Have fun with a powerful group of women who get you

Here’s what’s included when you attend:

  • 7-Day Live Training Intensive in Uluru, the sacred red centre of Australia – a powerful environment for awakening your Elemental Woman. Only 20 places available.
  • Elemental Woman Teacher Training Certification which gives you permission to teach the Elemental Woman Practices in women’s circles or as part of your business
  • 7 nights luxury retreat accommodation in twin room
  • Airport transfers
  • Buffet breakfast, lunch, morning and afternoon tea each day
  • Sunset camel ride
  • Outback safari with Indigenous guide and picnic lunch
  • Tali Wiru- Uluru sunset and open-air desert fine dining under the stars, once in a lifetime experience

Tali Wiru

 A unique and exlcusive dining experience on an isolated dune top, overlooking Uluru and the distant domes of Kata Tjuta. 

 Your evening includes: 

  •   Unique outback setting on a private dune 
  •   Stunning views of Uluru and Kata Tjuta 
  •   Canapés and Champagne at sunset 
  •   Table d’hôte 4-course dinner with matching premium Australian wine 
  •   Native wattle seed infused hot chocolate, Port and Cognac 
  •   Indigenous storyteller sharing culture, history, spirituality and the land 
  •   Star Talk   

Plus –

you will receive these four valuable bonuses:

Bonus 1:

Self-paced Elemental Woman Entrepreneur Online Program

9 sessions – Self-paced

Nurture your Dreaming

  • Prepare for the Jewel experience that awaits you in Uluru.
  • Begin to envision and action a sustainable view for your life and business. 
  • Develop a core understanding of the Elemental Archetypes

Value $997

Bonus 2:

Elemental Woman Easy Reference Poster

A beautiful and high quality A3 laminated poster that summarises the essence of the Elemental Woman Teacher Certification. You will find that you use this each day to speed up your creationing and connection to your wise woman.

Value $199

Elemental Woman Poster

Bonus 3:

Exclusive Elemental Woman Archetype Essential Oils

Five high frequency oils specifically designed to attune your vibrations to the elemental woman energy you need each day. You will learn how to use these oils for potent therapeutic effect in your life and business.

Value $129

Bonus 4:

Copy of #1 International Bestseller ‘Elemental Woman’ – Yours today when you book an interview call

Simply book and attend an online exploration call to learn more about the 7-Day Elemental Woman Retreat, and we will send you the book today – as my thank you gift to you.

Value $24


BE one of the twenty woman who will say Yes to this powerful opportunity.

Request and secure your special 2021 earlybird price. Begin the exploration process to see payment plans and details.

Are you alive with the chance to commit to a significant investment in you, with huge returns?

Your wisdom is your inner Wise Woman. Her heart is beating to her own drum. Her voice is singing her own song. Her pace is governed by her own rhythm. Give yourself the gift of knowing YOU.

Begin the Exploration Process Now to

Discover More

Feeling excited, Yes!

Have questions? Book an interview with Prasanna or one of our team today.

 Email supporting_you@elementalwomanseminars.com

Nadhira is in love with this powerful work and her potent results
Get your butt to this retreat… your body will thank you. Your soul will thank you. Your body just knows when you need to do it. So often our heads get in the way and we make excuses for why we can’t be there, like money or time or not making arrangements to have our children babysat. Prasanna’s work is so powerful your ego might try all sorts of tricks to keep you safe and keep you home. I know I ‘created’ a situation where my baby got his fingers stuck in the kitchen cupboard the night before I was due to attend Prasanna's retreat. I had to have the fire brigade over to get him out and I panicked thinking, Oh no I can’t leave my baby and go on the weekend. I knew there was something big waiting on the other side of this, so I took it in my stride. Wow!!! I am so in love with this work! As soon as I let go of a client another one showed up the next week. The group programme I’d been dreaming up suddenly just had its own energy to it that I was allowing the life force to direct my next steps. Life was meant to be easy and us women are meant to receive. So if you’re feeling like Life is not flowing for you or your business sometimes feels like something’s not quite right, this workshop will hold many gems for you to unfold. The best part is the results are so much more powerful than someone telling from the outside “this is what’s up with you” and trying to “fix” you. There’s none of that here. Just potent life force waiting to move you to place you could only imagine.
Nadhira Razack
The Conscious Woman In Business, Melbourne, VIC Australia
Frequently asked questions

Who is this 7-Day Retreat for?

We welcome conscious entrepreneurs, healers and artists who want to birth or rebirth themselves, and their business. Perhaps you feel a shift in your message and are ready to experience massive transformational change. You might be an innovative woman who seeks a higher level of prosperity in a way that nurtures you, your business and your relationships.

You will be a woman who serves women…

  • one-on-one as a business coach, therapist/healer, or 
  • as a workshop facilitator, or
  • as a manager/director of yoga schools, spas or hairdresser salons, complementary health centres or acupuncture clinics and similar

Elemental Woman Entrepreneur is ideal for learning how to lead teams and align businesses to the forces and cycles of nature for optimum health, and improved cash flow.

Who is this not for?

It’s not for women who want a lovely workshop experience, without deep commitment and a desire to implement their profound transformation for themselves and others.

What do I need to wear for this workshop?

Pack clothes that make you feel feminine. You’ll want to feel comfortable. Also, pack outdoor clothes and walking shoes. A packing list will be provided after booking.

Do you cater to special dietary needs?

Special needs can be catered for. Please let the team know your needs during the booking process.

“Your inner Wise Woman is connected to the Great Mother, the Mother of all Mothers. She is your sacred guide who brings the world back into balance by returning you back to your own rhythm and cycles.

You like me, are a real woman, who feels much. You also long to soar free with wild adventure and you deserve to be grounded in profound success. I have deep wisdom to share with you. Let’s discover magic together. Come and dance the creative feminine with us at Uluru.”

Prasanna x

Decide if you want to say yes, begin your Uluru Retreat Exploration Journey Now...

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