Losing my twin flame and delivering the most challenging talk ever

Now I know why they call it twin flames!!!

As soon as I walked into the restaurant at the conference, there he was. We sort of walked into each other. His eyes instantly igniting like golden flames. Were you ever on fire about something, but did your absolute best to control it, contain it or even put it out? Are you the type of person who feeds the fire of your passion, to keep your inspiration going by taking courageous action towards fulfilling your heart’s desires? Or do you put a wet blanket on your flickering flames in order to keep your life under control?

Everytime we passed during those 3 days of the conference, two flames literally shot out of his eyes reaching out to me. He just couldn’t help it.

I was resolved to remain contained within myself as he had shared with me that his decision to go back to life as he knew it. You should think that I would be used to loss by that stage in my life. I have had more than my fair share of it. Life activates my soul evolution powerfully through heartbreak and loss. This I know.

Having waited all my life to experience unconditional divine love and then losing it within a short period of time again, was heart-wrenching.

As Saturday unraveled so did my emotions. My talk was scheduled on the last day of the conference. By now I was wondering how on earth I’m going to get through it. I literally meditated all night, and got up really early in the morning to prepare. Thankfully my life long childhood friend was here to support me.

The only way I could do it, was to get myself into a space of Divine Love… and I did and gratefully so. He walked into the room half way through my talk and just stood there by the door.

I was in my element… my heart was on fire. When I speak or facilitate, different Archetypes activate at different times. Sometime gentle even silent and then quite intense and fierce. It just happens, I just surrender to my life force. It has its way with me and the audience. Watch my latest talk, The Awakening of a New Generation of Wise Woman Leaders here. 

You know Awakening to your Heart’s Calling fully is very much like a Divine Love Affair. You play with very big fire. Our soul’s true nature is expansive, limitless and ever loving. Once you give your soul full permission to have her way with your LIFE… ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN.

Most people are too frightened to hand themselves over to their Heart’s deepest desires. Deep down you and I know that once we do, we lose control over our life and something bigger takes over. This demands a huge dose of trust… one step at a time. The Amazon is petrified of losing control, but with her ally the Wise Woman, she can act on her Calling one step at a time.

You are destined to grow into the most beautiful and unique tree. It’s in your life- and soul-force DNA. Make a decision today, to allow your soul seeds to burst fully into freedom to powerfully push upward into the world of light, the world of the seen… for all to enjoy.

In Video 4 I will share with you how it all ended with my twin flame and how losing him activated me to step into my Calling even more fully as an International Speaker and Thought Leader.

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And if you are experiencing challenges at the moment, remember Your Life Loves You. It’s calling you to LIVE IN FEARLESS EVOLUTION. Allow your Heart’s Wisdom to guide you… always.

Bye for now.


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  1. A gorgeous, vulnerable share, Prasanna. Thank you for transforming the world with your openness and brilliance! Such an interesting ride we are all on… skinning and all.

  2. WOW, Prasanna! I had a similar experience quite a few years ago. The grief, which lasted for years, was comparable to a death in the family and yet I can still recall the crystal clear feeling of exhilaration I felt when we spent those hours together. That recollection of feeling is completely painless! I will never forget that “Walk Through Fire” and my revelation that if I can survive this, and thrive, I can do anything! Much love, Prasanna Diana Manuela! Your WiseWoman Friend, Judy

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