Me too… REALLY?

Wow… you just never know what gets set in motion when deep changes happen inside. I’m slowly rebuilding my strength after my recent Panchakarma experience. So, I’m slowly getting on top of my emails and working on… WELL… SOME REALLY EXCITING STUFF…

When all of a sudden, I find myself in a slightly early spring clean motion. “Me too” pipes up my Mac… “I want Panchakarma too” … what… “REALLY???” 

“Ah well… why not you too. You and I are a team after all. It’s not fair I should be all lovely and clean and you are all grotty and a mess with old documents and folders all over the place.”

ASK AND YOU SHALL BE GIVEN, I promise darling Mac and I get to work. So now I’m diligently going through all documents, folders, photos, videos, etc and trash what needs to be thrown away and file what needs to be filed or reorganised. 

I LOVE that munching noise… when I put stuff into the Bin…  


The cool thing is as I’m getting rid of the old stuff in my Mac, I start to feel lighter emotionally and mentally. That’s the Alchemist Archetype. She is an absolute gem when it comes to finetuning and discarding. I don’t only sweep the Mac garden but also my own heart and soul.

… and just because I can…

I anoint myself with one of the Elemental Woman Anointing oils. Quick guess, those of you who are familiar with it. Which oil am I using whilst clearing out old files? Post your best guess below.


Could your computer do with a sweep through the files? What are you waiting for? Get to it darling woman.

Until next time,

Much love,


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