Overcome Your Survival Patterns to Awaken Your True Calling

I just didn’t like standing out! And it was impossible not to, because I was a head taller than everybody else when I was growing up!

So what did I do? I tried to make myself smaller, I began to hide which was very difficult. I wasn’t that sort of person that could easily hide as I was a fast runner,  great at athletics and creative. There was a lot of different things I loved doing, and what happened was that girls were very bitchy behind my back. They started judging, pointing fingers and they started rejecting me. A loneliness came over my life which I hated. I began to hide more and more and more and shut parts of myself out. Later on when I began to reclaim myself, and also was interested in creating my own body of work and running a business, it was really holding me back.

How can you share you work? How can you really bring yourself fully to anything if you are hiding? 

For me there was a real survival patterns there to feeling safe and be part of a group. Not being pushed out of my tribe. There was very big survival pattern that I needed to overcome and that was like a thread that ran through my life. Later on I was kind of pushed out of my tribe because of different reasons. I decided to go on a different path and so on and so forth. Again and again I needed to have the courage, to stand out and make a decision against my own tribe. And that also took a lot of courage. Survival patterns and some of us are not challenges quite as much as this but we nevertheless all have them. 

What are some of your survival patterns that are still in place today? That are holding YOU back to reach that next level in your business and in your life? What prevents you from intimately connecting with a family member, your partner, your friends or colleagues?

Just ponder on that. It is impossible for us to fully awaken to our hearts calling, when our survival patterns are still active. 

Now, from an Elemental Woman point of view, we have survival patterns in the different archetypes in the different elements. When we are getting together in our Wise Woman Leader Weekends, we really want to look at those survival patterns that are holding us back currently to go to the next level to fully awaken our calling. If that resonates with you, I want to invite you to one of our upcoming Wise Woman Weekends either in Australia or in the US. 

I can’t wait to support you and other conscious creative female entrepreneurs to step in to the inner wisdom. To step into the Wise Woman Leadership to take their business to the next level.

Please click on the button below. I can’t wait to see you there! 


Much love





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