SEED- Online Training Program


SEED- Online Training Program

9 Self-Paced Modules that will ignite your business and Nurture your Dreaming. Gain the tools you need to grow and flourish as a creative woman in business.



The SEED Online Training Program offers you valuable insights to develop all Five Feminine Business Archetypes… in harmony, for aligned success. 

  • Learn how to Activate your inner Wise Woman, for profound inner knowing. Aha!
  • Know when to Embody your Amazon, to make powerful decisions and take creative action. Mmmmm…
  • Easily Access your Goddess, and gracefully attract the clients you desire. Oh yeah!
  • Tune into and be Earth Mother, and open the floodgates to financial abundance. Whoosh…
  • Discover your inner Alchimiste, for polished enrichment of your products & programs. Yes!


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