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RENEW One Day Taster Retreat

Time to re-energise, celebrate and receive YOUR VISION

As women, life wants to bless us with receptivity… every single day.

Darling woman, let the Earth Mother renew you as you learn the wise-goddess art of feminine receptivity, where abundance flows naturally to you. Let’s energetically throw open the gate to more love, support, money and life-blessings. Wise-Goddess, let’s pause for a day and create abundance together.
Love Prasanna

Would you love 2019 to be fulfilling and pleasurable for yourself and your business?

Too many of us find our feminine nature constantly giving and giving. Instead of thriving, we can get to the point of being drained and empty. Instead of finding time to take renewed action on our business and dreams, we can feel more lost and disconnected than ever.

What if there’s a way to end that cycle of struggle and have life be different, forever?

Are you ready to receive more as a creative, conscious leader?

When you embody the Earth Mother Archetype 

  • You will generate a more confident radiant presence and increase your perceived value as a leader.
  • You will receive more high-quality clients – the ones your heart wants.
  • You effortlessly attract more money without the usual push and shove, using a power greater than imagined.

Learn 7 Strategies for Feminine Receptivity and Abundance

At the beautiful Pura Vida Retreat & Events in Mt Eliza … we will pilgrimage into the truth of your feminine receptivity. Inside this safe-haven, you can splurge, revel and celebrate YOUR needs. Discover how to:

  • Easily tune into the Earth Mother to create your vision in a deep receptive state
  • Courageously define your needs and boundaries
  • Shine with pleasure, poise and certainty
  • Deeply nourish yourself and your business
  • Access the freedom of being on track and empowered every day
  • Give service from Feminine Flow, while doing what you love
  • Action your ambition with limitless ease and creativity
I feel and am so much more myself! Life is now a beautiful feminine dance for me. I love working with Prasanna, and I am looking forward to more and more expansion.
Jutta Hecht
Creatix of Diamond Woman and Ayurvedic practitioner
Elemental Woman has shown me that all parts of me can be seen and loved. I am now ready to share them with the world.
Tara Emmerson
Transformational Artist, Melbourne, Australia

You’ll be doing intimate and tangible receptivity work

This retreat is your chance to claim space amongst the daily hustle of life to re-energise your vision and feel into your feminine soul calling.

Morning Session: Renew Your Inner Shine

  • We tune into the Earth Mother and access a fully receptive feminine-force dream state
  • Explore your creative feminine self and needs in a gentle, receptive mode
  • From this place, get real and feel into ‘where do I want to go with my business’

Lunch: We pause to enjoy a beautiful shared lunch, fully catered by Pura Vida.

Afternoon Session: Renew Your Outer Shine

  • How to take your dream world and make it happen!
  • Creative planning across your projects, business, relationships and money goals
  • Techniques to use to be fully receptive to the support you require to realise your dreams
  • Your exclusive Elemental Woman Certification Offer to consider as a pathway to accelerate your 2019 dreams and outcomes

RENEW is your day to receive and say yes, I want more!

For A Limited Group Only

Pura Vida Retreat & Events, Mt Eliza, Melbourne. 10am -5pm

Bring a friend and share this special day. Invest $333 for yourself and $111 for a dear friend so you can take this experience home together. One of the most powerful ways to grow is to have accountability. Being able to hold each other to what you have visioned on the day will help you to actualise your dreams.

Refreshments and Lunch provided

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5 April

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I am now more open and trusting of the ebbs and flows in my business.
Nadhira Razack
Owner of The Conscious Woman in Business
Thank you, Prasanna for being courageous and tenacious enough to walk your talk and birth this beautiful body of work/craft that helps us Be the women we need to be!
Joan Carpenter
Founder of Listening Hands Therapy

Glimpse the Jewel that awaits you, the Jewel that you are…

RENEW is a one of a kind taster retreat and a glimpse into the 4 Step Elemental Woman Certification Program

Preview: RENEW One Day Taster Retreat – Re-energise your Vision.
A special offer is available to all RENEW attendees who embrace the Elemental Woman Certification Program and take action to make 2019 your best year ever!

Step 1: SEED: Elemental Woman Entrepreneur Online Program – 9 Self-paced sessions that will ignite and Nurture your Dreaming

Step 2: STAR: Elemental Wise Woman Leader Workshop – Uluru Retreat – 3 Days to envision your authentic life and Shine your Light

Step 3: JEWEL: Journey to Elemental Woman Leadership Certification – Uluru Retreat – 4 Days for embracing your natural ability to Lead with Wisdom

Step 4: QUEST: Elemental Woman Leadership Certification Virtual Program for Female Entrepreneurs (Optional) – 9 Months to birth your business anew and Live your Purpose

I am so excited to reveal your special, by invitation only Certification Program offer on the day, and to welcome you to the adventure that awaits us together in 2019.

Are you Curious?

Why Journey with Prasanna

In 1995, a major event connected me to unfolding my life’s purpose. Tragically, I lost my second born baby two days after birthing him. While grieving, I became chronically ill. I turned to the Earth Mother for healing and was drawn to live submerged in the Australian bush for ten years.  During this time of healing and contemplative living, I found a deeper understanding of the Feminine Creative Force that women need to sustainably and powerfully be of ongoing service in the world while receiving the income they deserve. Elemental Woman was revealed to me during this time and has become my life’s work. Using ancient feminine knowing, I guide you as a conscious women entrepreneur to ignite vitality in your life and business while fully expressing your unique gifts with authentic wisdom.

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