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SEED Online Training Program

9 Self-Paced Modules that will ignite your business and

Nurture your Dreaming

Gain the tools you need to grow and flourish as a creative woman in business

Do you yearn to be 100% aligned and lit up by a soulful business?

Every day, I talk to women who are struggling in business — women who lack a sustainable feminine structure that supports them in creating financial abundance, consistently.

I understand your struggle. I was raised in a family of entrepreneurs where I too learned to do business in a push and shove way that I thought was right at the time. A few years into running my business this way I was deeply depleted and in constant breakdown, but I didn’t know why. 

Truthfully, I never felt like I was functioning in alignment with my sensitive nature, but for a long time, I ignored my instincts.

Using myself as an experiment, I created a natural, nourishing and effective way of running a soulful business. After successfully applying and fine-tuning these exact strategies I created a six-figure income with ease and flow. 

In these training modules, I show you how to create cash flow from overflow, without the usual masculine-based push and struggle. You’ll finally become the powerful feminine force of nature you were born to be.

Learn how to Embody
the Five Feminine Entrepreneur Archetypes

Many conscious/creative entrepreneurs, healers, artists and coaches function only from their Default Business Woman Archetype. 

What if you could change the default patterns that are keeping you stuck?

Over nine modules, SEED empowers you to embody a unique feminine entrepreneur structure to become the ultimate creatrix in your life and business. 

The SEED Online Training Program offers you valuable insights to develop all Five Feminine Business Archetypes… in harmony, for aligned success. 

  • Learn how to Activate your inner Wise Woman, for profound inner knowing. Aha!
  • Know when to Embody your Amazon, to make powerful decisions and take creative action. Mmmmm…
  • Easily Access your Goddess, and gracefully attract the clients you desire. Oh yeah!
  • Tune into and be Earth Mother, and open the floodgates to financial abundance. Whoosh…
  • Discover your inner Alchimiste, for polished enrichment of your products & programs. Yes!

You will discover the right way to slow-down to speed-up your business. Enrol today and get access to…

  1. The secret to creating financial abundance from overflow based on a sustainable Feminine Structure
  2. How to harness each of the Five Business Woman Archetypes and flourish in your business
  3. Impactful feminine practices that will quash your fears. It’s simply time to let go of getting stuck!
  4. How to effortlessly surf the waves of your daily, monthly and seasonal cycles 
  5. Powerful processes for self-value so you can finally claim your worth
  6. The key to sustaining yourself in business and still receive more support, clients, money and vitality
  7. The #1 best way to effortlessly attract your ideal clients 
  8. How to master ALL 5 States of Abundance 
  9. A success schedule for a Business Dreaming Weekend, where you’ll work deeply and replenish at the very same time. Yes, it can be done!

When you enrol you’ll receive

  • 9 Self-paced Modules of powerful training videos 
  • Exercises and Activations that will stimulate your creativity and produce results
  • Workbooks for each module
  • Online community support from other women like you in our private Facebook group
  • Daily Feminine Practices that guide you to embody the Five Feminine Archetypes

Automatic no-risk, full money back guarantee!

Upon completing all 9 online modules and assignments, if you feel that you didn’t receive any value from this life-changing program, you’ll get your money back. We believe that if you are not 100% satisfied we’re better off parting ways in a friendly manner.

Your Investment

USD $1997

Or Receive SEED for Free with your Inner Circle membership!

Dear Prasanna, From the day, I trusted my impulse to be part of your Training, my life has not been the same. The Elemental WomanTM work continues to support and sustain me as I grow myself and my business. This work offers me the possibility to sense where I need to access and draw from my own wisdom that I didn’t even know I had! It’s like a pot of gold deep within me that I can tap into 24/7 and is so amazing to experience. I often feel this gold illuminates who I truly am, what I need to do in this life, and how to love myself and in doing so be so much more present and loving to others. Thank you, Prasanna for being courageous and tenacious enough to walk your talk and birth this beautiful body of work/craft that actually helps us Be the women we need to be! With so much love for you, Joan xxx
Joan Carpenter
Founder of Listening Hands Therapy
Frequently asked questions

Who will benefit most from this training?

We welcome conscious entrepreneurs, healers and artists who want to birth or rebirth themselves, and their business. Perhaps you feel a shift in your message and are ready to experience massive transformational change. You might be an innovative woman who seeks a higher level of prosperity in a way that nurtures you, your business and your relationships.

You will be a woman who serves women…

  • one-on-one as a business coach, therapist/healer, or 
  • as a workshop facilitator, or
  • as a manager/director of yoga schools, spas or hairdresser salons, complementary health centres or acupuncture clinics and similar

SEED Online Training Program is ideal for learning how to lead teams and align businesses to the forces and cycles of nature for optimum health, and improved cash flow.

Do I need an existing business to benefit?

No, you don’t, and the course is perfect if you are starting a business. Creating and conducting business is a never-ending (yet exciting) marathon. Making Elemental Woman the foundation of your business will help you stay radiant and focused as you move through the daily challenges of business. How wonderful to start your business with a feminine structure that will hold and enable you.

How much time do I need to allow for each module?

That depends on how deep you want to go. You will learn powerful practices that you will want to use every day once you discover how radiant and focused you will feel. If you are able, allow 30 min a day to work through the videos and practices. Remember to make yourself number one priority in your life, to put your oxygen mask on before attending others, so to speak.

What can I do to stay on track each week?

  1. Save the link on your computer, so it’s easy and simple to access the course.
  2. Schedule 30 minutes a day into your calendar. You might want to do it first thing in the morning, so it sets you up for the day. Many women enjoy the course as part of their morning ritual, others like to watch the content during the day or evening, and do the practices in the morning.
  3. Reward and celebrate yourself for putting yourself first. Share your insights and wins in the Facebook group or with your loved ones.

What if I have questions, how do I get support?

You can ask questions in our private facebook group. Simply post your question and tag one of the support team members. We have technical support as well as coach support for the content of the training. You can also ask for support via email.

How do I access the SEED Online Training for free?

Receive SEED Online Training for free when you enrol in an Elemental Woman Certification Retreat. Curious? – Start your Exploration Application here

How do I become a Certified Elemental Woman Entrepreneur?

SEED Online Training is Step One in the Elemental Woman Entrepreneur Certification Pathway. Step Two is the STAR 3 Day Wise Woman Leader Workshop. Step Three is JEWEL Journey to Elemental Woman Leadership Experience. You can attend both of these experiences in our Uluru Retreat in August 2019. Find out more.

Invest in you and grow your business. Plant the seeds of future success today and let your roots anchor you deeply and with purpose.

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