at the HOW TO SHINE ONLINE virtual public speaking practice morning & masterclass- JUNE 27th 9AM-11:30AM AEST/ 26th JUNE 7PM EDT/4PM PDT

This month I am excited to be a Guest Speaker at the How to Shine Online Public Speaking Practice Event and Masterclass.

What is the event all about? 

It’s an online internationally accessible public speaking practice and development event, where you can come and practice your public speaking in a low key, friendly, encouraging space, MINUS the pressure of high end networking events like BNI, Toastmasters and Corporate or Business events and trainings, where there’s pressure to achieve a specific outcome.

There are opportunities on this event to both introduce yourself and your business and tell the group, in a minute or less, a bit about what you do and with you. Plus there is a section for Q & A in regards to your public speaking, online and live business development, sales and marketing. It also includes an “Expression session,” in which you can bring 1-3 minutes of a public presentation you’re working on, to get feedback from the audience.

Each event also Features a number of Guest Speakers, with expertise in the realms of public speaking, leadership, business and wellness. As one of the guest speakers, I will be speaking about the importance of tapping into our innate feminine fortune and freedom in order to create abundance from overflow. 

There is an epidemic of exhaustion of women worldwide. Women are juggling many equally as important priorities in their lives. Unconsciously we have adopted masculine principles that deeply deplete the sensitive feminine system.

Come and join me as we explore feminine ways of being prolifically productive and creative in our lives and work.

For more info on the event schedule and to register your ticket, click below:

Until the end of the week, you will also receive a free ticket for a friend or colleague when you register. Just use the codes FRIENDFREE at the checkout.

If you have any questions, or need a hand to register, please don’t hesitate to let me/us know.

We would love to see you there.

Much love,

Prasanna ❤️

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