Sparkle Love like a Christmas Goddess! – Here’s How

Merry evening,

One thing I know for sure, is that to serve from Overflow as a feminine force, YOUR cup must be full first.

Christmas crazy, shopping centre overload, deadline stress, budget balancing, late-night online shopping, broken sleep – all of it can cause your cup to empty fast!

Remember to take a moment to nourish and replenish yourself – Start by watching today’s Christmas Goddess Video

Here’s three simple ways to sparkle love upon yourself today and tomorrow…

  • Go for short walks in nature throughout the day – doing a quick lap of your garden can be enough to reconnect and rebalance your day
  • Soak your spirit in an end of day Goddess Love bath – watch the video to learn how
  • Drink plenty of water – sip it warm and add a slice of lemon, or freeze mint leaves into ice cubes and enjoy refreshing hydration

🙌🎁 Plus, you can still download your free ‘How to Ask the Christmas Goddess for More’ Meditation. Download your meditation gift 🧘‍♀️🎄

With sparkly love

Prasanna x 

P.S. What are your favourite ways to get your cup filling and overflowing? Hit reply and let me know, or share them with me on Facebook.

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