Stand strong like a Goddess Warrior

Hello Goddess Warrior,

Don’t let the chaos around you get you of course. Stand strong… with your heart open, focused on your vision.


Here is how you can rise higher despite the global fear climate:

❤️Lean into your fears… and they’ll give way to your greatness

❤️Look your fears in the eye and give them a name

❤️Acknowledge them

❤️Stay grounded inside your body

❤️Stay focused on your vision how you can serve MORE


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From my fiercely loving heart to yours, 



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“Stay open like the beautiful wise old woman tree up on the hill overlooking the see. She has withstood the blusterous storms of winter and the scorching heat in summer… all the while standing with her roots deeply in the earth and her branches reaching high and wide into the sky.”


See yourself rising… stronger and more beautiful than ever before, fully stepping into your calling.


Prasanna Diana Manuela is an International Bestselling Author of Elemental Woman, Feminine Prosperity Creatrix and International Speaker. She supports Conscious and creative women entrepreneurs globally to awaken their heart’s calling, lead with wisdom and leave a legacy. 

She is a divine inventor, creative marketing goddess as well as visionary mystical healer and artist who stands for women earning as much as they desire whilst feeling alive, vibrant and full of life-giving energy.

When it comes to creating a business from overflow that is 100% aligned with your Heart’s Calling, Prasanna is the expert in the field. She offers life-changing events virtually and in person, and travels regularly to share her passion to Awaken a New Generation of Wise Woman Leaders.

Elemental Woman™ experiences, gift you the ancient knowing you seek to ignite vitality in life and business. 

Elemental Woman™ Awakens your Heart’s Calling and opens you to your innate Feminine Creative Force to regenerate from the inside out. This work brings profound self-understanding and connects you with a power that is far greater than you ever imagined. 

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Prasanna embraces a rich tapestry of life. She inspires women with her love of beauty, nature, family and the freedom to express all of who she is, joyously and powerfully. 

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