Elemental Woman Entrepreneur

Certification Pathway

STAR Elemental Wise Woman Leader Retreat

Uluru, NT, Australia

Applications Now Open For 2020

Envision your Authentic Life and
Shine Your Light

Be the bright and guiding star you know you can be
as a conscious leader.

Gorgeous Woman, your inner Wise Woman is connected to the Great Mother, the Mother of all Mothers. She is your sacred guide who brings the world back into balance by returning your natural rhythm and cycles.

Let’s be honest here – if you’re disconnected from your feminine creative force you’re also disconnected from your inner Wise Woman.

A once in a lifetime adventure to the most
powerful part of yourself

Your inner Wise Woman receives her sacred signals from the belly of the Great Mother, just like whales receive communication from miles across the ocean. In a similar way, the traditional owners of native land know where to find water below the surface of the red earth.

Women have been disconnected from their true Feminine Power for centuries, amid pain and confusion. It is time to reverse the generational denial of our sacred knowing. It is time to reclaim our lost state of Feminine being.

Conscious creative entrepreneurs, healers, and artists of all kinds – you are being called to return to your true nature as leaders for profound change in the world.

You are invited to a beautiful retreat into
your heart within the heart of the world

I’m Prasanna Diana Manuela, Inspirational Speaker, International Bestselling Author and Creatrix of Elemental Woman™. I support conscious women entrepreneurs to fully awaken to their calling, lead from inner wisdom and create a legacy.

You’ll witness me as committed to the Awakening of a New Generation of Wise Woman Leaders. My heart’s desire is to reach women globally so they too can step fully into their purpose, feeling vibrant and full of life. My body sends out powerful signals that tremor through the earth calling women to their authentic truth and nature as Wise Woman Leaders.

It has taken me decades of life experience, research, study, experimentation, and listening deeply to my wisdom over thirty years of profound commitment to developing this life-changing work. Learn more about my journey here

Transform yourself in the sacred centre of Australia – 3 intensive days to gain new
feminine abundance skills and tools

  • Tune into signals (wherever you are), from prospective clients, who are sending out prayers of hope, right now – waiting for you to respond
  • Instead of worrying, feeling overwhelmed and drained, trying to figure things out… you can tune in your powerful feminine potency… where magic happens with ease
  • You’ll realise connecting to your Wise Woman is as natural to you as breathing, once you experience how 
  • Be able to glide through life like a majestic whale, singing your soul song to others, as an unstoppable force of nature
  • Learn to make decisions with ease and in natural flow
  • Delve into the Nine Essential Keys to Feminine Financial Abundance, and remove this struggle once and for all!
  • Reclaim a deep and healing sense of “coming home”. YES! At last!
Elemental Woman Entrepreneur Certification Pathway

Step One –SEED Online Training Program 

9 Self-Paced Modules to ignite your business and Nurture your Dreaming

YOUR FREE BONUS when you enrol in an Elemental Woman Uluru Retreat

Step Two – STAR Wise Woman Leader Workshop

August 2020 Complimentary Evening Session

Registration and Introduction Session, 7pm – 9pm

August 2020 3 days to Shine Your Light

  • We tune into the sacred red centre and set a beautiful daily rhythm to embrace learning feminine business concepts
  • Receive ancient embodiment practices to develop and open an acute awareness of yourself and your needs – Your time out to Breathe and Be
  • A nurturing space to naturally break down inner limitations and shadows to create the shifts you yearn for physically, emotionally and mentally – You’ll be completely held and supported in a divine feminine vortex
  • Gain a deep understanding of the Elemental Woman™ Creation Cycle and throw open your doors to feminine abundance – Oh Yeah!
  • Transform how you view yourself and how you allow yourself to be seen by others – Relax, for many women, this is the best part…
  • Ground your knowledge and insights into business visioning and planning – your creativity will go through the roof!! 
  • Align your life and business to be 100% on purpose. We are women, and you will hear us roar! 
Yes, begin my Exploration Application

Here’s what’s included when you attend:

  • 3-Day Live Training Intensive in Uluru, the sacred red centre of Australia – a powerful environment for awakening your Elemental Woman.
    Limited places available.
  • Step 2 of the Elemental Woman Teacher Training Certification.
    (Once you complete Step 3 – another 4 days in Uluru – you can use the Elemental Woman Practices in your coaching/training service-orientated business or women’s circles.)
  • Four nights of luxury retreat accommodation in a twin room
  • Airport transfers
  • Buffet breakfast, lunch, morning and afternoon tea each day
  • Sunset camel ride

Value $9,750


you will receive these two valuable bonuses:

Bonus 1:

SEED Self-paced Elemental Woman Entrepreneur Online Program

9 Modules – Self-paced

Nurture your Dreaming

  • Prepare for the Jewel experience that awaits you in Uluru.
  • Begin to envision and action a sustainable view for your life and business. 
  • Develop a core understanding of the Elemental Archetypes

Value $997

Bonus 2:

Copy of #1 International Bestseller ‘Elemental Woman’ – Yours today when you book an interview call

Simply book and attend an online exploration call to learn more about the 7-Day Elemental Woman Retreat, and we will send you the book today – as my thank you gift to you.

Value $24

Step Three – JEWEL Elemental Woman Leadership Training Certification

August 2020 – 4 days to Live Your Purpose

Extend your stay and invest in sustainable business prosperity.

Book by March 31st and secure your special 2020 earlybird price. Begin the exploration process to see payment plans and details.

Are you alive with the chance to commit to a significant investment in you, with huge returns?

Begin the Exploration Process Now to

Discover More

Feeling excited, Yes! Have questions? Book an interview with Prasanna or one of our team today.

 Email clientcare@elementalwomanseminars.com

Nadhira is in love with this powerful work and her potent results
Get your butt to this retreat… your body will thank you. Your soul will thank you. Life was meant to be easy and us women are meant to receive. So if you’re feeling like life is not flowing for you or your business feels like something’s not quite right, this workshop will hold many gems for you to unfold. The best part is the results are so much more powerful than someone telling from the outside “this is what’s up with you” and trying to “fix” you. There’s none of that here. Just potent life force waiting to move you to places you could only imagine.
Nadhira Razack
The Conscious Woman In Business, Melbourne, VIC Australia
Frequently asked questions

Who is this 3-Day Retreat for?

We welcome conscious entrepreneurs, healers and artists who want to birth or rebirth themselves, and their business. Perhaps you feel a shift in your message and are ready to experience massive transformational change. You might be an innovative woman who seeks a higher level of prosperity in a way that nurtures you, your business and your relationships.

You will be a woman who serves women…

  • one-on-one as a business coach, therapist/healer, or 
  • as a workshop facilitator, or
  • as a manager/director of yoga schools, spas or hairdresser salons, complementary health centres or acupuncture clinics and similar

Elemental Woman Entrepreneur is ideal for learning how to lead teams and align businesses to the forces and cycles of nature for optimum health, and improved cash flow.

Who is this not for?

It’s not for women who want a lovely workshop experience, without deep commitment and a desire to implement their profound transformation for themselves and others.

What do I need to wear for this workshop?

Pack clothes that make you feel feminine. You’ll want to feel comfortable. Also, pack outdoor clothes and walking shoes. A packing list will be provided after booking.

Do you cater to special dietary needs?

Special needs can be catered for. Please let the team know your needs during the booking process.

How do I access the SEED Online Training for free?

Receive SEED Online Training for free when you enrol in an Elemental Woman Certification Retreat. Start your Exploration Application here

How do I become a Certified Elemental Woman Entrepreneur?

SEED Online Training is Step One in the Elemental Woman Entrepreneur Certification Pathway. Step Two is the STAR 3 Day Wise Woman Leader Workshop. Step Three is JEWEL Journey to Elemental Woman Leadership Experience. You can attend both of these experiences in our Uluru Retreat in August 2019. Find out more.

“Your inner Wise Woman is connected to the Great Mother, the Mother of all Mothers. She is your sacred guide who brings the world back into balance by returning you back to your own rhythm and cycles.

You like me, are a real woman, who feels much. You also long to soar free with wild adventure and you deserve to be grounded in profound success. I have deep wisdom to share with you. Let’s discover magic together. Come and dance the creative feminine with us at Uluru.”

Prasanna x

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