Take Powerful Action Fuelled by Your Creative Feminine Force

Are you interested in finding out what you can do when something completely unexpected (out of the blue) happens that could potentially totally throw you off course in your life and business?

Hi I’m Prasanna Diana Manual, Inspirational Speaker, International Bestselling Author and Creatrix of Elemental Woman. I support conscious women entrepreneurs globally to Awaken their Calling, Lead with Wisdom and Leave a Legacy.

When I committed to speaking at an international event last year something happened so sudden that broke my heart and sent me into shock.

When receiving news like these, most women would probably have cancelled the trip to attend the conference once they knew what was going on. When I was asked by one of the organisers of the event, whether I was planning on moving forward with my plans, I sat with this for a couple of days and I thought, ‘I’m curious too. Was I still going to go? Honestly, at that point I had no idea.’

The truth is that my heart was severely broken. And I was in shock, due the unexpected news I had received.

I was waiting for my body to give me a cue, waiting for my Feminine Creative Force to indicate which way to go. Over the years and through working with the Elemental Woman I have learned to correctly read my own life force. To really trust my own life force way more than I would trust my head.

When you look at tragedy and pain from your head, letting the head lead your judgement… often the head just wants to keep you safe.

The head will bring up countless reasons why you should or shouldn’t do this thing, to keep you safe.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the correct thing to do. So, in this case, if I were to have asked my head, it would have said, “NO!” I would have cancelled everything and stayed home.

Luckily for me and the ladies in that room at the event, I didn’t go there. It’s just not the way I operate. I just sat with my pain and said, “Well, I’m curious because right now I have no idea what to do. What I know is that right now my heart is broken and I’m in shock.”

Well I just sat with this… sat with this… and then sat some more.

And all of a sudden… one night, I was activated to move forward. It is mind boggling and utterly powerful:

  • To feel your BODY’S WISDOM take over and just know what to do.
  • When COURAGE beyond measure emerges within your heart and soul.
  • NOT BACKING DOWN even under the most challenging circumstances when you are called to act on the impulses given by your inner Wise Woman.
  • To experience the MASSIVE expansion, personally and professionally, as you act courageously amidst huge challenges.

Within you and me there resides the powerful Feminine Creative Force that JUST KNOWS. Once we learn how to read it, trust it and give it free reign we can never go wrong.

That is the truth.

The head can screw us around and lead us on all sorts of tracks that get us off course. But our Feminine Creative Force has a much deeper more profound wisdom than that.

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Much love



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