The End of my twin flame relationship activates my Calling as an International Speaker and Thought Leader

Hello Gorgeous Woman,

The room was filled with the contraction of life force when safe roads are taken instead of the the hike through wilderness over the mountain. Here you have to trust your feet one step at a time, never quite knowing what’s ahead from one moment to another.

Only the brave ones take such roads, the adventurers of Divine Spirit, who want to leave no stone unturned before returning to their Divine Castle in the sky from their mission here on earth.

But the rules are very different here. The Elemental Wise Woman Leader entirely follows her inner impulses one step at a time. (watch my latest talk here: “The Awakening of a New Generation of Wise Woman Leaders”

You no longer take the orders from your head, that part of you is mainly interested in keeping you safe and under control. And the way it wants to stay safe is by staying with the known and established.

I call that the illusion of safety. My life has shown me endless times that the things that make no sense at all are usually the correct roads to take. It’s like putting puzzle pieces together without knowing what the whole picture looks like. It’s definitely not the path for the faint hearted. It’s the path of the Divine Heroine.

How often has life presented you with a cross road where at least one of the turns was the road into the unknown. Did you take the road that got your heart beating faster and your body tremble with fear of the unknown? Or did you stick to the tried and proven.

As a Conscious and Creative Entrepreneur we come up against such crossroads ALL OF THE TIME.

We can see where the world has got to with the same principles applied over and over again. And we are here to shake the world up. We are here to bring new thoughts, new systems and innovations in order to save our planet from extinction. THE NEW TIME CANNOT BE BROUGHT IN BY BEING WEEDED TO THE OLD WAYS. You and I are called to courageously follow our innate wisdom of the heart in every area of our life.

So here we were… in this small space, facing each other. My heart was thumping so loud, I thought the entire Universe could hear it. My body was trembling with the words that were ready to be excavated from the depth of my heart. I closed my eyes, and felt into the dark and instinctive space within myself, waiting… waiting.

Then the words came out. I don’t remember any of them. But they were received, and courageously so. Strong truths were spoken, but they came from a place of Unconditional, Unwavering Divine Love… ending this extraordinary chapter with my Cosmic Partner or Twin Flame.

A twin flame relationship is the biggest gift. It’s Divine Love in human form. Our twin has shared our evolutionary journey right from the beginning. We were released into the universe at the very same time, taking it in turns incarnating alternately, sharing lessons and experiences.  Our cosmic partner is the only other person in the universe with the same soul code as you. What joy when we finally incarnate at the same time and meet in the flesh. Our twin is our perfect mirror in every respect. When we meet, the time is approaching where we reunite once again. It’s like coming home after a very long time.

In the end worldly obligations and responsibilities activated my twin to end what we had.

Leaving this room and returning home, opened my final chapter of meeting the hardest part of the journey yet.

In video 5 out of the 5 Part Video Series I will share with you, how my work was delayed for 6 months due to fighting my most powerful inner demons yet before launching the upgraded work of the Elemental Wise Woman Leader into the world.

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Your Life Loves You . It’s calling you to LIVE-IN-FEARLESS-EVOLUTION. Allow your Heart’s Wisdom to guide you… always.

Much love,


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