This Must Never Happen Again

Have you ever wondered if you would have been part of the underground movement during Nazi’s time, or a suffragette fighting for women’s rights or standing up for equal rights for black people in South Africa(if you were too young to be alive then and there? I have wondered this my entire life. I grew up in Germany in the sixties/seventies/eighties. History class was designed to be shocking and traumatizing, especially when covering Nazi Germany… and for a very good reason. The motto was THIS MUST NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN.☠️☠️☠️

It was absolutely heartbreaking to see such injustice and cruelty against our brothers and sisters… ALL BECAUSE OF DIFFERENCE. Before I consciously knew about my German history, something just didn’t feel right. It was the sixties/seventies and the country was booming. The war left much to rebuild after everything was destroyed. But I felt it in my body… the energy of death. There was a darkness that permeated everything. You just couldn’t cover that up. My instinct was to get out of the country and migrate… which I later did.👣👣👣

One of the things we must remember that when we aim to destroy members of our human family, may it be based on colour, religion, sex or sexual orientation, we create deep trauma that lasts for generations… and it affects everyone… those we have harmed and those who have harmed others.

It’s time we wake up! ❤️🌞✨🌟🌈It’s time we understand on a deep level that we are all one. The suffering won’t stop until we consider another’s life as important as our own. And for that, we need to speak up for others. Millions of Jews would not have lost their lives if more people would have taken the blinkers of their eyes and found their courage to speak up for injustice and cruelty. 

It’s hard to believe that it’s 2020 and people are still killed and discriminated against. This last week has been shocking the world. How much more needs to happen to shock shift humanity as a whole into waking up?

Watching detailed footage of the suffering created during world war 2 was so traumatizing for me as a school kid, I had nightmares for the whole two years… and yet… that was NOTHING in comparison to what the Jewish children, women and men had to endure before facing a terrible death.

History will continue to repeat itself until we grow up as a human race. I’m deeply sensitive and this can be a huge challenge when facing the world. But it gives me a glimpse to what others might be going through. My heart has felt raw and open and it pains me to see my brothers and sisters suffer like this. If it hurts THAT MUCH in my own body and in my own heart, just knowing from afar what is going on, how much must it hurt if you are a black person right now feeling the shock of injustice and racism? How huge must be their fear, anxiety and anger. There is beauty and wisdom in every human race created. I stand for equality, peace and healing for all. Much love to you, 

Namaste ❤️❤️❤️

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