What if I’d say to you…

Hello Wise Goddess,

How would you feel if I tell you are going to have a 10 year social distancing time? … 

BELIEVE IT OR NOT BUT I SPEND 10 YEARS SECLUDED TUGGED AWAY FROM THE WORLD. In this video I share with you more about this.

And here are the gifts this time has offered to me:

🧘 I slowed down and became profoundly still

🌎 MOTHER EARTH began to speak with me

🙏🏻 She opened me up to ancient feminine wisdom for modern times

💪🏻 She reconnected me with my innate feminine power

🧡 And powerfully re-aligned me to my soul purpose


For the moment a lot of the activity on this beautiful planet has slowed down. Never to punish us, but to give us the opportunity to re-align and rebirth.

Do you feel the shifting and movement within your heart and soul? Somehow the way we’ve done things up to now, doesn’t quite line up for where we are going from here. It might be our relationships. It might be the way we live. For you it might be your work needs shifting to re-align, or more likely, a combination of all.

What has started is an inner birthing process. It can be scary… but it does not have to be. It could be the most exciting time of your life… with the right support.

Are there a new dreams stirring within your heart?

DO YOU FEEL CALLED TO SUPPORT OTHER WOMEN TO claim their innate feminine power whilst making money?

Applications for the 2020/21 Elemental Woman Teacher Training are now open. To explore this possibility book an 20 min free chat now. 

I’m supporting women MORE THAN EVER who want to claim their power and support others doing the same whilst earning good money. Be a role model of divine femme leadership. Talk to us NOW!

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From my loving heart to yours,  


Talk to me – Your purpose cannot wait a minute longer 

“Stay open like the beautiful wise old woman tree up on the hill overlooking the see. She has withstood the blusterous storms of winter and the scorching heat in summer… all the while standing with her roots deeply in the earth and her branches reaching high and wide into the sky.”


 See yourself rising… stronger and more beautiful than ever before, fully stepping into your calling.


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