Who or what I am?

Who am I?… 

…in fact, who do I need to be to create the life I want to create?


So here I stand in my winter garden fast asleep… dreaming of who I’m going to be

Oh, it’s such a delight! I can feel my branches…  beautiful and long, which is exciting because that means a lot more leaves are going to fit on them. Oh, and now I can feel and see my magnificent blossom coat. It’s going to inspire and uplift those who are drawn to it… and… goodness me…


I’m so in love with my life I feel like dancing in the middle of winter in the dark cold winter’s night. I figured out who I AM. Have you?


Now for real, what does all that mean?  

Who are you in the fullness of your soul potential? 

The life within your body, knows exactly what she is here to be and create. Feel into your true calling, especially during more introverted times such as winter or during Dark Moon. 

Wise Woman is here to support you to feel into the deeper layers of your consciousness. She is alive below your busy mind, below the activities of the day, beneath your fears and worries, she is more than your title, identification, culture, language or spiritual believes. 

When you know how to drop deeply into your inner Wise Woman, she will hold you accountable to make the correct choices in life.

I’ve been loving this winter. Apart working on a massive project at the moment which made of endless smaller projects, I use this time to grow energetically. 

This year has taken me to investigate the habits of the world high achievers

The 1% of population, who make it their business to develop in all areas of their life, not leaving any of it out. 

They take care of their health and fitness and nurture their relationships. They develop emotionally, mentally and spiritually. They choose to have extraordinary adventures to constantly push their limitations and lean into their edge. They work to reach their highest potential in every area of their life.

I decided to upgrade and finetune my habits to that I can indeed manifest millions of red jewels. So the things I used to procrastinate on, are now on my priority list and I attend to them daily, preferably first thing in the morning if possible… like cleaning up my desk, one of my recent projects to get my office ready for spring.

What in your life have you wanted to create but procrastinated on? 

Where are you stuck? 

That’s where I come in. I can help you jump start that project that you keep putting off. My greatest joy is to help others shine and share their unique gifts in the world.

I’m here for you. All you have to do is reach out.

Until next time gorgeous one,

Much love,


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