Join Us for the 3-Day In-Person

Elemental Wise Woman Leader Weekend

08- 11 Nov 18, San Diego, CA
29 Nov- 02 Dec 18, Sedona, AZ
06 Dec- 09 Dec 18, Denver, CO
08 Aug- 15 Aug 19, Uluru, Australia

Gorgeous Woman,

A profound wisdom resides within you. If you could only access it… it would lead you safely and effortlessly through your life and business.

Your wisdom is your inner Wise Woman. Her heart is beating to her own drum. Her voice is singing her own song. Her pace is governed by her own rhythm.

Your inner Wise Woman is connected to the Great Mother, the Mother of all Mothers. She is your sacred guide who brings the world back into balance by returning you back to your own rhythm and cycles.

But here is the truth. If you’re disconnected from your feminine creative force you’re also disconnected from your inner Wise Woman.

Woman healers, artists and creative entrepreneurs are now being called to return to their true nature in order to become ambassadors for profound change in the world.

Are you working hard to get stuff done?

Do you spend much of your time and energy wondering how to do the next step in your life and business?

Perhaps you’re a doer, but you know deep down that you’re lost, drifting off course—like a ship without a compass—and out of alignment with your soul’s calling?

This is because you’re very likely disconnected from the most powerful part of yourself… your natural feminine potency.

Once you activate your innate feminine creative force you’ll be unstoppable… you’ll be on fire.

Did you know that you inner Wise Woman receives her sacred signals from the belly of the Great Mother—just like the whales receive communication from their mates from miles across the ocean?

In a similar way the traditional owners of native land just know where to find water below the surface of the red earth.

Do you feel disconnected from the most powerful part of yourself?

You will never feel alone again when you’re creating projects in your life and business. Once you reconnect to your feminine potency, you reconnect to your own rhythm, your own beat, your true calling.

You’ll be able to pick up signals (wherever you are), from prospective clients, who send out their prayers of hope, waiting for you to respond.

Instead of spending time in your head… worrying, feeling overwhelmed and drained, trying to figure things out… you can tune in with your powerful feminine potency… and this is where the magic happens.

The most amazing fact is, this is as natural to you as breathing, once you know how to connect to you. Clients report this to me frequently.

They’re surprised that they haven’t known how to do this before. You’ll experience a deep sense of “coming home.” YES! At last!

Here is the sad truth...

Women have been disconnected from their true Feminine Power for centuries, if not millennia. This lost state of being has been passed down through generations for far too long. And it continues to cause pain and confusion.

Will you answer the call and bring the fire back into your belly?

The fire that effortlessly creates abundance in every area of your life. The fire that ignites your creative juices like never before.

Your feminine potency guides you safely, whenever you need to make personal or professional decisions. It’s time to reconnect with your dreams in order to create effortless abundance in all areas of your life… be it in relationships or business.

If you’re a healer, you’re naturally connected to the spiritual world. In order to action your soul’s calling you must also be connected to the powerful creative forces within yourSELF. This is the way to return to the creative vortex of Mother Earth. There’s no other way!

Experience what it feels like to be unstoppable.

Glide through life like a whale, BIGGER than life. Bold. Majestic

Make decisions with ease, grace and in FLOW with your rhythm.

Get 100% aligned with your purpose. Sing your soul's song.

Why should you listen to me?

I found my soul purpose after tragedy struck. I used to live with my head in the clouds. My feet never touched the ground (or so it felt like). At the time I was also deeply connected to the father energy. The Divine Masculine or Consciousness.

I still am. But in 1995 my world came crashing down. And it has never been the same again. I lost my beautiful baby boy, my second born child, Mejda… two days after giving birth to him. My body shut down. I became chronically ill. 

At the time I run a complementary health centre and worked as a young yoga therapist to prepare women to birth their babies naturally. When tragedy struck I was called to live in seclusion in the Australian bush. I lived there for 10 years! 

There I was, with a body which had forgotten how to cycle back to full health after losing my baby boy. I spent a lot of time and money in my effort to get better. But the answers eluded me, until years later.

The magic begun to unfold as I embraced living with nature. I became part of it and eventually I felt totally immersed with all that is. I felt at one with the trees, the birds, the insects, and with life.

I learned to communicate deeply with Mother Earth. Whether it was my connection with the wild life or the wattle bird who fell in love with me (remind me to tell you the story at the workshop)… but more and more messages came from our Mother, the Mother of all Mothers. 

Once I was shown how to connect to my innate feminine potency, my creative vortex opened and my life got back on trackI felt powerfully aligned with my purpose. 

My health and strength returned. I found my voice to speak my truth. I was able to set boundaries. My ability to communicate my inner yearnings to those I love awakened… and the healing and expansion just kept unfolding. 

WOW! It’s been a truly magical ride ever since.

I so want that for you, too.
Will you join us?

Gorgeous Woman,

Come and play with us. Let the Great Mother awaken you to the fullness of who you are as a woman. Open to your innermost yearnings and dreams. Allow her to fill you up. To nourish you back to life.

It’s my honour and joy to hold space for you to do so!

The last time we offered the Wise Woman Leader Weekend it sold for $2,500.

But you’re NOT going to pay that.

You’ll get a special, LIMITED TIME VIP access pass for the introductory launch price, at just $997.

AND… you get my BONUS 9-week training program—selling separately for $997—absolutely FREE, as my thank you gift for showing up.

PLEASE NOTE: To help us allocate seats, you will be able to select which of these events you want to attend, after successful registration.

Hi, I’m Prasanna Diana Manuela, Inspirational Speaker, International Bestselling Author and Creatrix of Elemental Woman™. I support conscious women entrepreneurs to fully awaken to their calling, lead from inner wisdom and leave a legacy.

I’m fully committed to the Awakening of a New Generation of Wise Woman Leaders. It is my passion and heart’s desire to reach women globally so they too can step fully into their purpose whilst feeling vibrant and full of life. My body sends out powerful signals that tremor right through the earth calling women healers and artists to their authentic truth and nature as Wise Woman Leaders.

Receive this in just 3 days…

It has taken me decades of life experience, listening deeply to my own wisdom, research, study, experimentation and over 30 years of profound commitment to develop this life changing work.

You, however can receive this in just 3 days. The content alone is worth well over $10,000.

Get ready to understand and implement the Elemental Woman™ Creation Cycle.

Save time and money by embodying the 5 Business Woman Archetypes.

Receive powerful daily practices to regenerate your body.

Transform your sabotage shadows that stop you from being successful.

Become the ultimate Creatrix of your life, by putting your roots down into the Divine Feminine Vortex.

Align your business to the natural rhythms and cycles.

Discover a woman’s 9 essential keys to financial abundance.

And so much more…

Do you yearn to serve more people from overflow of life force and vitality?

The experience, clarity and transformation you get is priceless.
Finally, there is an authentic powerful foundation for women to stand on in their life and business.

PLEASE NOTE: To help us allocate seats, you will be able to select which of these events you want to attend, after successful registration.

You could be my next success story!

Get a Special Bonus (worth $997)…

The best part is that as soon as you say YES to joining our 3 Day Wise Woman Leader Training, you will begin your journey with our 9-week Elemental Woman™ Entrepreneur Online Program to get you well prepared for this life changing weekend.

Give yourself the gift of knowing who you really are. I want you to know you deserve this.

PLEASE NOTE: To help us allocate seats, you will be able to select which of these events you want to attend, after successful registration.

Feeling excited? Have some questions?

Want to speak with someone about this training?


Allow this powerful environment to awaken your Elemental Woman within
Gorgeous Woman, it’s time to fall in love with YOU.
Priceless Value is yours for the taking…

With the 9-week Elemental Woman™ Entrepreneur Online Training…

Your journey actually begins already several weeks before the Wise Woman Leader Weekend to prepare you for the power that awaits you here. Prasanna will be holding space virtually for this soulful group of women in the 9-week Elemental Woman™ Entrepreneur Online Training.

And you get one more Amazing Bonus!

Because you’re going to radiate your feminine light so dazzling bright, we want to capture your wild beauty, by a super passionate and talented photographer. During the 3 days you’ll have your own photo shoot. Hurray!

And you will receive your favourite photos after you return home.

These images will be your medicine and will always remind you who you truly are. Yes!

They’ll be perfect for your website and marketing material to allow prospective clients to really see YOU. I get goosebumps just thinking about it.

Is your heart and soul calling you home?

PLEASE NOTE: To help us allocate seats, you will be able to select which of these events you want to attend, after successful registration.

Join us for this life changing Weekend
25-28 Oct 18, San Diego, CA
15-18 Nov 18, Sedona, AZ
06 Dec- 09 Dec 18, Denver, CO
08 Aug- 15 Aug 19, Uluru, Australia

PLEASE NOTE: To help us allocate seats, you will be able to select which of these events you want to attend, after successful registration.

Schedule Details

Thursday Evening:

Free Public Talk, 7pm – 9pm, Booking is Essential


The Awakening of a New Generation of Wise Woman Leaders

with Prasanna Diana Manuela



You’ll have a set daily rhythm to embrace a perfect balance of Elemental Woman™ Archetypes & Business Concepts with experimental embodiment practices to develop an acute awareness of yourself.

A lot of life force will be moved to naturally break down inner limitations and to create shifts—physically, emotionally and mentally.

You’ll gain a deeper understanding into the Elemental Woman™ Creation Cycle in order to open your doors to feminine abundance.

You’ll integrate your new understanding and experience into everyday business planning.

I’m beyond excited about creating this profound experience for you. This will not only change your results in business, but also shift how you view yourself and how you allow yourself to be seen by others.

It’ll change the way you feel physically and emotionally. Your creativity will go through the roof by applying this knowledge. This will get your life and business on purpose. I can’t wait!

PLEASE NOTE: To help us allocate seats, you will be able to select which of these events you want to attend, after successful registration.

Will You open Your Heart and Body to

Receive Your Calling?

Frequently asked questions

Who is this 3-Day Wise Woman Leader Weekend for?

This is for conscious entrepreneurs, healers and artists who want to start a business or feel a shift in their message in their work and are ready to experience massive transformational change.

Who is this not for?

It’s not for women who just want a lovely workshop experience, without deep commitment and a desire to implement their profound transformation.

What do I need to wear for this workshop?

Pack clothes that make you feel feminine. You’ll want to feel comfortable. Also, pack outdoor clothes and walking shoes. A packing list will be provided after booking.

Do you cater to special dietary needs?

Special needs can be catered for. Please let us know during the booking process so that we can pass it on.

Come dance with us gorgeous one...


If you are a conscious entrepreneur/healer or artist and you either want to start a business or feel a shift in your work coming on, this is for you.

I’d love to show you how you can tap into your real potential by falling in love with your powerful feminine potency to create the life and business you dream of.

Much love,

Prasanna Diana Manuela

Gorgeous Woman,

I would so love for you to be there and receive this profound gift

PLEASE NOTE: To help us allocate seats, you will be able to select which of these events you want to attend, after successful registration

About Don

On the surface Don Hajicek might be described as a photographer. However, those who have worked with him and have experienced a transformation as a result of that, know better.  He is a healer, a quiet witness and his work is medicine. He has supported women on their journey to heal from deep trauma and wounding to their feminine body, mind and soul.

Don has been helping women for the past 14 years to step into the light, to BE SEEN for who they truly are without fear or apology. He has a deep understanding of the traumas that send women into hiding and seem to keep them there unless… SHE declares that SHE is ready to BE SEEN.

For the past 5 years, Don has been presenting at women’s conferences and retreats all over the world, working one-on-one with participants as he gently guides them through the beautiful process of allowing themselves to rediscover, reclaim, and reveal themselves. He is the author of “Being Seen: Witnessing the Feminine Through the Lens of Love” which documents both his work and the path that led him to it.

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