Wouldn’t it be easier just to give up sometimes?

Today as a conscious women in business, we just want it all, we want that deliciously intimate close relationship, we want the harmonious family and we so desire an income that fully sustains us whilst we offer our gifts to the world and fulfil our heart’s calling… and perhaps a little extra to go travelling and to have a comfortable life style… and what’s wrong with that?

What I see however today is the sheer contrast to that… and speaking from personal experience here, I include myself here too. Many years ago, I suffered from a long lasting chronic illness. I was living between the sofa and the chair and the bed. I hardly even left the house for years back then.

I know what it’s like when your body is exhausted, the nervous system is overloaded with the many tasks at hand and you are just in survival. Even though my body had given up and broken down, my spirit didn’t. My soul knew there was no way I could leave this life without having fulfilled what I came here to do. I knew there was a mission in my heart and soul… and I knew I had to find a way to fulfil this mission.

Much love Prasanna


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