You’ll never guess what happened to me…

Hello Adventurer, freedom-loving Natural Wise Goddess,

An outdoors coffee table would be SO LOVELY, so I thought on Friday night. IT’S LATE SUMMER IN AUSTRALIA… and we spend LOTS of time outdoors.
On Saturday morning, I jumped into my walking shoes and took off along the water for my morning walk. All of a sudden… wow… what was this?

Wow this table looked like it was carved. THE PERFECT COFFEE TABLE EVER… on the side of the road! What’s more it looked like someone actually wanted to get rid of it. My house has a funky middle eastern influence with all the Indian/Indonesian style furnishing and exquisite materials I’ve been collecting on my travels. The table seemed to be carved in Balenese style out of wood.

When coming closer to it, I noticed it was actually metal, rustic, weathered… PERFECT FOR OUTSIDE.

This has happened many times in lots of different ways before, that I would have a wish and them somehow through someone or something the wish was fulfilled…  a handbag I saw in a shop in one state of the country, was bought by a friend in another and given to me or the man with the exact qualities I’ve been dreaming up comes my way during a cold day in winter at the beach.

HOW COOL WOULD IT BE TO DO BUSINESS IN THIS WAY? Feel into a wish and stay open to receive it. That is one of the super powers of FEMININE PROSPERITY we deeply explore in our JEWEL –7 Day Leadership Retreat & Certification Training in ULURU, the Red Centre of Australia.

HOW AMAZING WOULD IT BE TO DREAM SOMETHING UP and then allow it to come to you? This doesn’t mean you just sit around chanting AUM from the roof tops. But it sweetens everything up.

YOU’LL END UP LETTING THE UNIVERSE DO SOME OF THE WORK FOR YOU. The other sexy thing about it is that it feeds your feminine radiance at the very same time. Doing business this way actually IS GOOD FOR YOUR INTIMATE RELATIONSHIPS!

Much love,


International Speaker | Feminine Prosperity Creatrix | Author of #1 International BestsellerElemental Woman’


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