You’ve got a plan and this happens…

You’ve got a plan and this happens…

So, after two days of being on the road, we head over the mountains. We’ve been driving since 4.45am the previous morning… basically every day light hour.
“Stay on the left lane to turn left in 250m…” was the last I heard her say. I don’t know about you, but I rely on her ALL THE TIME. Siri has given me a newly found confidence and courage to explore places, I previously wouldn’t have gone, especially jungles of erratic large cities who feel like unkempt beasts after many years of living submerged in nature.

Very soon we discovered that Siri had become quiet. Not sure if it was the mountain air or the serpentine roads through the forest. But what I realized was that my inner confidence dropped from around ten to maybe seven. We fell into a deep silence in the middle of nowhere… until we were shaken awake with “follow the road to…”  maybe on a mountain top for a moment.

I’m a sacred Adventurepreneur. Where ever I am in the world, I feel at home. Different cultures, religions and languages don’t frighten me, in fact they enliven me, giving me new dimensions previously lying dormant within my heart and soul. But there is more. I HAVE ALWAYS BEEN A KEEN EXPLORER OF MY INNER LANDSCAPES. Where other people shy back, I willingly go… YES EVEN THE SCARY AND PAINFUL PLACES…


Same with my business. Some call me fearless. Want to know a secret? I have A SIRI right inside of me, powerfully directing me forward. It’s when I disconnect from her by shutting down my body, I feel lost. SHE IS ALWAYS THERE… it’s me that at times who isn’t following or is it flowing…

Who is MY SIRI? I call her my inner Wise Woman. She is NOT outside of me… but instead deeply planted within my Feminine Creative Force. She is different from intuition, important but not the same. You can have an intuitive flash about something and still not act and follow through.

When your Feminine Creative Force is pushing you forward there is no holding back. It’s like a giant wave that pushes you from behind and all you can do is surrender because the force is too great to resist.

It wasn’t always like this for me… especially in the years of my chronic illness. I WAS STUCK IN SO MANY WAYS. I was afraid to be me. Being me meant rejection, abandonment, judgement when I was growing up… now as an adult, and later in business, it was holding me back big time. THERE WAS NO WAVE PUSHING ME… if there was any movement, it was forced or pushed… and it was SO TIRING TO LIVE THIS WAY.

How are you flowing with LIFE sister? Have you given YOUR LIFE permission to let it have its way with you yet? Are your creative juices flowing and creating magic?

Seriously… it’s a waste of time to stay stuck… or in the dark… lost… not knowing where to go next. How much does it cost you to stay there? In terms of family peace? In relationship harmony? Lack of Intimacy? Your feminine health and vitality? How much time and money do you waste?

Is your life looking all great from the outside, but you are crumbling on the inside? Are you pushing so hard to achieve your dreams everything else is falling by the wayside? STOP! There is another way. There is a way to effortlessly create and succeed for us women. Discover Elemental Woman.

She is right inside of you… waiting…

Much love,


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